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Bash the Bulldogs! (Auburn vs. Georgia Open Thread)

By on November 11th, 2017 in Football 2 Comments »

Last time Auburn beat Georgia…

     War Eagle, everybody! Amen Corner continues today in Auburn as the top-ranked, undefeated Georgia Bulldogs pay a visit. This is an important game for the Auburn Tigers as they stand at 5–1 in the SEC. Lose this one, and the Tigers will need help from Mississippi State to get to the SEC Title game. Win it, and Auburn will continue to control its own destiny. For Georgia, the pressure is on, despite winning the SEC East title last week. A loss here will damage Georgia’s playoff hopes and knock it out of the top spot. Which team handles the pressure the best will likely come out on top in this one.

     Some folks believe that in this game Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn is fighting for his job. Should Auburn lose today, it will mark 4 losses in a row to rival Georgia, 6 losses in the last 7 games, and 10 of the last 12. It has certainly been a dismal mark the past decade. The game will kick off at 2:30 PM Central Standard Time, and it will be nationally televised on CBS.

     The cool temperatures of fall have arrived in the deep south, and a jacket is recommended for those attending this game. Skies will be clear with a bright sun hanging low in the southern sky behind the large jumbotron in the stadium. It will be about 63 degrees at kickoff, falling quickly into the 50’s. The sun will set during the third quarter.

    As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I will not be available for play by play, today, as duty calls. I’ll be returning to action next weekend vs. Louisiana Monroe. War Eagle, and let’s see if Auburn continues a championship run against the Georgia Bulldogs!

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 11, 201710:08 pm

…..It was a nice dream while it lasted. Clanga’s defense appears to be out of gas, and can’t chase Bama runners. A 24-24 tie game will soon translate to a Bama win.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 11, 20179:49 pm

…..What’s funny now is that I roundly pooh-pooh’d the idea of Mississippi State beating Alabama, but delved into those scenarios, anyway. There’s a tight game going on over in Starkville, with MSU holding a 24-17 lead early in the 4th quarter! What’s really unusual is that they have dominated time of possession, against a tired Bama defense.

meathead530 November 11, 20179:33 pm

What a great game. Best win in a long time. WAR EAGLE.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 11, 20178:53 pm

…..I caught just a little bit of this game on radio, but the crowd sounded electric! This one equals the biggest margin of victory over either Georgia or Alabama in my lifetime, 23 points. (49-26 over Bama in 1969, and 33-10 over UGA in 1990.) I can’t wait to go through the DVR!

audude audude November 11, 20177:15 pm

The moment is proving too big for Georgia. Not unusual for a team unaccustomed to spotlight, but unusual for this team. Tells you how good Auburn is.

Ivan Maisel, ESPN Senior Write

schlapya76 November 11, 20177:06 pm

Amen, audude! Amen!!!!

audude audude November 11, 20176:47 pm

Booya, this is the beat down we needed!

audude audude November 11, 20176:43 pm

Keep your foot on their neck until it’s over. Payback baby!

schlapya76 November 11, 20176:11 pm

Still time to get Gus Bused, but…..this is about as excited for an Auburn game I’ve been since I’ve been a fan….circa some random Iron Bowl in Birmingham in the early 80’s. Strangely quiet on the board today (which I’ve never commented on)…Is everyone clutching their fifth of Jack Daniels in the corner just waiting this one out with cautious optimism?

audude audude November 11, 20175:22 pm

Seems like the defensive lines are controlling the line of scrimmage. We are having inconsistent success running the ball is the first half comes to an end.

schlapya76 November 11, 20175:02 pm

I’ll still take a pick on the next possession. Good to see a downfield throw connect…better to see some good protection. WDE

auburnelvis November 11, 20174:50 pm

Need a pick

auburnelvis November 11, 20174:36 pm

Looks like another can’t score in red zone and opposing teams one drive kills us game.

WDErichie WDErichie November 11, 20174:24 pm

I really hate these announcers!!!

I_AUm_The_Stig November 11, 20174:20 pm

I’d bring it out of the endzone everytime against AUs kick coverage

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20174:04 pm

Poor playcalling hurting early. The receivers are not getting open in single coverage, and we appear to be running routes that are on the same plane. We need to make them defend multiple levels in the passing game.

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20174:01 pm

Auburn stalls after a nice start to the drive and gets a 54 yard FG from Legatron to cut the lead to 7-3 UGA.

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20173:56 pm

Nate Craig Myers sighting!!

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20173:55 pm

should have been a three and out but a nice catch from From to WIms really sparked the rest of the drive

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20173:52 pm

not much resistance from the Auburn defense on the first drive
7-o Dawgs

Col.Angus Col.Angus November 11, 20173:50 pm

UGA is controlling the line early

meathead530 November 11, 20172:32 pm

Coach TT is calling the OKST/ISU game. I’ve been watching that this morning.

As for the big game in about an hour, Auburn has been in this sport before and and fallen. I don’t know what to think. My heart says the tigers are going to shine today. But my head says Gus is going to find a way to mess up.


Acid Reign Acid Reign November 11, 20174:47 am

…..And we are live! Work calls today, so this will be my only post, here in the wee hours. A big “war eagle!” goes out to the men’s basketball team, for a 102-74 win over Norfolk State, last night at Auburn Arena. Bryce Brown shot lights out, and finished with a career-high 31 points on the evening.


  1. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    There will be something completely wrong if a new ranking for “Crowd Noise” or “Fan Involvement” is not added this week — That is, by far and away, the loudest I have ever heard JHS and, yeah, I’ve been there a few times. It started out loud and then, following that first UGA drive, just got louder and then stayed there. What an experience; what a game; and what an awesome night to scream “It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!” — WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

  2. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    YEAH…………..what he said /\