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Bash the Bulldogs! (Auburn at Georgia Open Thread)

Auburn takes on the SEC East Champs tonight
(Photo by Acid Reign)

     War Eagle, everybody! This evening, the Auburn Tigers travel to Athens, Georgia to take on the Georgia Bulldogs in a cross-conference showdown. It’s time for the deep South’s oldest rivalry between the hedges in Georgia’s Sanford Stadium.

     This game will kick off at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, 6:00 Central, and it will be nationally televised on ESPN. I’ll be able to do a bit of afternoon commentary on this thread but will not be available for a play by play this week.

     It’s going to be cold for this game. With a breeze from the northwest, it will be around 45 degrees F at kickoff, falling to 40° or lower by game’s end. Skies will be clear, and a thin sliver of crescent moon will be visible, low in the eastern skies, for a little while after sunset.

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I will be at the keyboard this afternoon, commenting on play around the SEC and the nation. I’ll hope to pull my Tigers through this contest. War Eagle, and let’s beat those Bulldogs!

xraysales November 10, 201810:15 pm

Now that it appears that AU will fall to Georgia and the fact that CGM’s record against ga. will move to 2-5, is it time to question CGM’s position as HFC and his obscene salary?

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20189:59 pm

Our LBs have been absolute no-shows tonight. Ran straight through us.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20188:43 pm

Well that turned quickly at the end of the half…

PortCouncil1 PortCouncil1 November 10, 20188:11 pm

Does moultry get the snaps in Bryant’s stead?

PortCouncil1 PortCouncil1 November 10, 20187:58 pm

We’re going to have to keep our offensive play calling a step ahead of their adjustments.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20187:55 pm

They’ve run about 10 plays from inside our 10 yard line. Held to two FGs. Huge.

PortCouncil1 PortCouncil1 November 10, 20187:52 pm

Woo! Still holding them to a fg after Bryant’s boneheaded penalty!!

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20187:45 pm

Man, if the defense will stop letting them run through arm tackles this might be a ballgame.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20187:16 pm

A first down already? Huge improvement from last week. I’m only kind of being sarcastic.

meathead530 November 10, 20186:31 pm

Let’s go tigers.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20186:28 pm

Maybe after a stern chewing, the refs are told not to make anything look even close to an Alabama bias… just in time for the IB.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20186:27 pm

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but if the refs keep making calls like they have in this UA / MSU game they’ll have to move the SEC offices out of BHAM just to keep the rest of the SEC from revolting.

AUNation AUNation November 10, 20186:16 pm

This UA team (at least today) looks beatable.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20184:58 pm

…..Likely the last update of the day, from me. MSU has found a bit of defense, but still trails Alabama 20-0 near the half. Shocker in Knoxville, Tennessee leads Kentucky 17-0 at the half!

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20184:27 pm

…..Kentucky’s fade continues in Knoxville, trailing 3-0 in a defensive scrum against Tennessee. Alabama cruises through the first quarter against Mississippi State, 14-0, and is moving the ball again. MSU has 2 three ‘n’ outs.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:36 pm

…..Ole Miss turns it over on downs, with six seconds left. Aggies lead, 38-24, and will go to 6-4 on the season, and bowl-eligible.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:20 pm

…..Trayveon Williams goes 46 yards for the score, on the first TAMU handoff.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:20 pm

…..Ole Miss hit that thing about as well as a kicker can hit it, got the high hop. However, Texas A&M outjumped them, and has the ball at the Rebel 46.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:18 pm

…..Ole Miss converts a field goal, and trails Texas A&M 31-24, with 1:51 left in the game. Rebels have all 3 timeouts still remaining. I think they have to onside kick it. They looked out of gas on defense, last TAMU drive.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:15 pm

…..Ole Miss missed a tying field goal, then allowed TAMU to march the length of the field. They trail Texas A&M 31-21, clock just under 3 minutes left in that game.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20183:14 pm

….A pair of comeback finals, in the SEC.
Florida 35, South Carolina 31
Missouri 33, Vanderbilt 28

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20182:41 pm

…..Some battling going on, in the SEC. All early games are now in the 4th quarter.
South Carolina 31, Florida 28
Missouri 33, Vandy 28
Texas A&M 24, Ole Miss 21

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 20182:14 pm

…..Checking the SEC scoreboard… None of the 3 early games is going as I expected. In the 3rd quarter:
South Carolina 24, Florida 14 in the Swamp. They are reviewing an apparent South Carolina touchdown, that looks good to me. It should be 31-14, shortly.
Vanderbilt 28, Mizzou 25.
Ole Miss 21, Texas A&M 14

PortCouncil1 PortCouncil1 November 10, 20181:39 pm

My old man and I watched it. They made it look easy. I believe this team is a 1 or 2 seed in the dance this year.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 201812:37 pm

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 201812:25 pm

….The final score was Auburn 88, Washington 66, and it was not even really that close, as Auburn emptied the bench near the end. And this game was played with no Daniel Purifoy, and only limited rusty minutes from Austin Wiley.

Acid Reign Acid Reign November 10, 201812:24 pm

…..And we are live! How about a BIG shout out to the Auburn men’s basketball team? They hosted a top-25-ranked Washington Husky team at Auburn Arena last night, and totally demolished them!


  1. neonbets says:

    I know I’m on an island here, but I just don’t get UGA being favored by 14.5 The talent level on both teams is quite similar. UGA has better RBs–and AU is susceptible to the run. Nonetheless, I’d still take Stidham over Fromm, and I think AU’s D-line is better. Past that, there’s not much difference.

    Of course, UGA is at home, but that should only count for 3 pts of the spread. I hate to say it, but this line is really an indictment of Malzahn. There’s no other reasonable explanation.

    Common opponents: UGA whooped the Vols, and AU stunk.
    But AU was better against LSU than UGA. In fact, AU should have won that game, while UGA didn’t even come close.

    Finally, both teams have good defenses, so it may very well be a low scoring game. Taking a 14.5 pt favorite in a low scoring affair is much different than taking one in a high scoring shootout.

    To be fair, UGA has beaten AU by an ave of 20 pts over the past 5 games when AU was on the road. And all the experts are have quite a consensus that UGA will prevail easily. I ain’t buying it though. What I am buying is the Under (53) and Auburn (+14.5).

  2. wpleagle wpleagle says:

    I wonder if anyone else was as pissed off as I was by the smarmy, snarky fake field goal attempt that Georgia attempted when up by 17 points with barely 4 minutes to play in a game it had dominated for three quarters. My respect for Kirby Smart dropped about 150% with that b******t!

  3. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    So, Petrino is out at Louisville. Does Auburn want win badly enough to replace Chip Lindsey with the fine upstanding Bobby Petrino?