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Back In The High Life Again

By on October 22nd, 2013 in Football 16 Comments »

What a glorious Saturday night we just had. Auburn football is back! Gus Malzahn completed his first signature win and the newly ranked Auburn Tigers built on that platform by running and passing the ball all over Johnny Manziel and the #7 ranked Texas Aggies on their home turf of Kyle Field. If you’re like me, you wanted this game SO badly after what they did to us in Jordan-Hare last year. We got beat down, and for this team to make this kind of turnaround in one year and beat one of the top-3 highest octane offenses at their own game is nothing short of amazing.

The game is still on both of my DVRs. I can’t erase it. I’ve watched it end-to-end three times and pieces of it quite a bit more. It’s an instant classic and it came exactly at the right time for us, exactly against the right opponent. It was great to win our first rivalry game in almost three years, and there’s no doubt that Auburn and A&M will be quick yet respectful rivals. I’ve heard only good things about the Aggie fan base, either last year or this one. I’d love for somebody that made the trip to College Station to leave some comments below. We’re kindred spirits–Ag schools with great tradition and a huge showboat in-state rival that garners most of the attention, but we’re still respectable programs in our own right. This was game four in the all-time series so we haven’t had the pleasure that often. Here’s to looking forward to a long tradition of hard-fought games. Glad we could earn some respect after that debacle last year.

Don’t feel bad if you weren’t sure our Tigers had a prayer of slowing down Manziel and company. Having watched the Aggies play Alabama in week two and seeing that score fest, it simply wasn’t going to happen. Aggie wide-out Mike Evans had a career day and already has over a 1000 yards receiving for the year–more than half of that coming against the two teams from Alabama. But while our defense did step up and contain the damage to only those two, it was our offense stepping up that provided the biggest surprise, with the greatest balanced attack we’ve seen from them yet. We went head-to-head with the greatest offensive attack in the conference and actually out-gained them.

Nick Marshall proved he’s the undeniable leader of this team and he’s gained the confidence of our receivers with his throws and earned the respect of opposing defenses with his legs. Our zone read and quick paced attack kept A&M reeling all afternoon and their defense was completely gas-piped at the end. As the pedantically superior Gary Danielson pointed out, the wheel route was open to us all day, including a 56-yard catch by Jay Prosch, a few by Sammie Coates, and the final drive third down grab in the sun by Marcus Davis. Is it just me, or do you think our team somehow gains validation if we’re able to attract some measure of approval from Danielson? I know he can sometimes be the guy you love to hate, and his criticism can be relentless when you’re team isn’t on it’s game, but his analysis is consistent and his praise rare.

And speaking of smug, I know I’m not the only one who wanted to see Johnny Football get knocked out. Not just because he was killing us. Okay, yes, because he was killing us. He is without doubt the most elusive college QB I’m ever seen, and he gets away with more back-foot and side-arm throws than anyone. Even Gary Danielson wasn’t afraid to criticize the Heisman winner for that. With a possible knee injury a week or two ago, I knew Manziel wasn’t invincible like Cam Newton, and one juke too many in the waning minutes of the third quarter proved to be too much as he got his shoulder pounded. Look, I didn’t want to see the kid seriously hurt– just get rattled a bit. Auburn was getting to him–literally and figuratively.

Being a vet school, I think the Aggies had some horse tranquilizer laying around the sidelines for him. That’s about the only way he could  have been able to get back in there and start throwing again. How dorky looking were the trainers trying to shield him on the sidelines by holding up towels? Finally someone with a TV screen could see that they couldn’t escape the watchful eye of the cable cam and they took him under the stands to give him an injection of something. In that one hit, the momentum of the game changed permanently to Auburn. While Manziel was able to come back and direct a quick TD drive, two sacks in the final four downs was the exclamation point on Auburn’s miracle day.

Auburn proved again this season that they’re a second half team, vastly outscoring their opponents. We saw this in the LSU game and the A&M game followed suit. Plus, we finally heard the announcers give a stat that Auburn fans have always known: if we score at least 30, we’re going to win. This game marked the 82nd straight time we’ve done that, surely going back to the early Pat Dye days.

Saturday saw the SEC flip midseason in a way with most of the higher ranked teams in the conference losing to the lower ones: the Vols over the Gamecocks. Vandy beating Georgia. Mizzou over Florida. The Rebel Bears of Ole Miss knocking off LSU for us. And us finding redemption in College Station. As Acid Reign alluded to, it’s basically a two-horse race left in the west with Alabama and us, and it’s Missouri’s to lose in the east. All the highly touted teams from preseason are done and simply playing for a Florida bowl game. If you would have told me that each division’s cellar-dweller from last year had a chance to go to Atlanta this year I would have punched you in the mouth. Auburn controls its own destiny, and while that’s pretty easy to declare, it’s a bit harder for it to become a reality.

This team needs to build on Saturday and not look past anyone. Arkansas in Fayetteville is always a trap for us. Tennessee could be finding their way. Georgia is all banged up but dangerous and still in possession of our number for the past few years. We still have work to do. We can’t think that we can simply cruise leading up to the Iron Bowl. Most of the polls realized our plight and gave us respect, including jumping to 11th in the AP and 11th in the first BCS rankings. These are great but we can’t think about that now. We’ve been able to sneak up in the polls because expectations were low. Now the spotlight is swinging back our way and for hungry Tiger fans, the expectations are sky-rocketing.

If Auburn were to run the table, could a one-loss SEC team be left out of the BCS title game if there were an undefeated PAC 12 (Oregon) Big 10 (Ohio State) and ACC (FSU or Miami) teams left? It’s possible, but none of them would have played the schedule Auburn did. We’ll cross that bridge if we get to it. Right now the possibilities are endless and we are high just thinking about it.  It’s great to be back. Back in the high life again.


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Couldn’t have picked a better album!

    Let the party begin!


  2. wpleagle wpleagle says:

    Phillip Marshall had some good comments in his blog on the Auburn Athletic Site.

  3. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    Since we’re dreaming here, If Mizzu stays undefeated till the SEC CG, and Bama is undefeated going into the Iron Bowl, and IF AU were to win out through the SEC CG then AU would finish the season with wins over two top 5 undefeated teams. I think that might be just enough to jump an Ohio St or Baylor/TTU. Probably not the media darlings Oregon or FSU, but any other team maybe. Can you imagine the pandemonium if AU did that this season??? I know it there’s a %99 chance it won’t happen, but the fact that it could at this point is incredible. War Eagle!

  4. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    “As the pedantically superior Gary Danielson pointed out”…..Bwwahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    Oh wait, you were being serious. Okay Okay. I see Danielson as a fickle fellow. I felt like everytime Evans dropped the ball he was ballyhooed for being the worst receiver of ALL TIME. All the while, when Evans caught a wounded duck-side-arm pitched from St Johnny of the Football, it was JFF that was totes amazeballz. IMO, JFF’s numbers would not be nearly as good without Evans. Not trying to take anything away from JFF (other than he runs like a girl-no offense to girls), cause he is crazy talented. BUT, Danielson’s ability to pile on versus praise, seems to be one dimensional. Although, I only watched the game, like once, whilst refereeing 2 small boys under the age of 4.

    Praise is praise. After a dismal year, I’ll take it.

  5. spanky says:

    If we were to run the table this year, I could definately see us getting shafted just like in 2004. If any sec team is gonna get overlooked, for some reason it’s us. I think the 2004 team was the best team that we have fielded and we would have had two NCs in six years.

    • CapnVegetto says:

      In ’04 Auburn was the only team in the country that could beat USC in a best of 5 series. Choklahoma never had a chance. USC might have beaten us, but we were the only team in the country that had a 50% or better chance of beating them.

  6. wde21 says:

    I made the trip to College Station to support our team and hoping for a good showing. Wow!! The game itself was amazing. A nonstop thriller from start to finish! We spent some time Friday night downtown and tailgating before the game. All of the fans we ran into were extremely nice and hospitable. They had lots of cool traditions like the corp of cadets marching into the stadium. I must say Jordan Hare for a big game is much louder!! Probably because the stadium is not enclosed and all the cheering escapes. Also most of the seating for The AU fans was in the upper rows of the end zone upper deck. Extremely high- think the upper deck at Ga. After the game their fans were pretty stunned that we pulled out the victory. Didn’t have much to say but no trash talking either. It was a great experience in College Station!

    • WarEagleAtlanta WarEagleAtlanta says:

      Glad you had a good time. I tell you when the Auburn fans were the loudest–after the ref announced that last flag was of no consequence and the game was essentially over. I couldn’t believe how loud you guys got!

  7. wde21 says:

    We cheered the whole game but we were a long way from the field except for the few in the corners down low. Lots of students up there so they led most of the cheers and us old folks joined in. It was amazing watching the game after I got home how much you can’t see from the stands. Especially the way our Oline was blowing them off during that final drive for the go ahead TD. All of us in the stands thought we scored too soon and wanted to run a couple of more plays to take time off the clock! A great victory for our program, players and fans!!

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I enjoy Danielson’s observations. The only guy I like better as an analyst right now is Jon Gruden over on Monday Night football. He’s going to be too technical for some folks, “double A-gap blitz” much last night, Jon?

    …..The last time Auburn lost a game while scoring over 30 was 1996, although it was in quadruple overtime against Georgia, 49-56. Game at the end of the 4th quarter was 28-28. In regulation, you have to go WAY back to 1979, when Jay Venuto and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons came back from a 17 point halftime deficit and beat Auburn 42-38.

  9. mikeautiger says:

    It’s good to have Auburn football back, but miracle, no. We knew we had a team full of talent, we got a coach that exudes discipline and preparation, he put together a great staff with a great DC, and given time you could see it was going to come together.
    People thought I was crazy when I saw a minimum of 8 wins, and I figured depending when we learned the new systems we would take down a minimum of 2 big boys giving us 10 wins, and I thought if they grew up by the end of the season and catch a few breaks we might go all the way this year with a win over our 2 rivalries at the end of the season.
    I actually thought we would pull off game at LSU and not TAM, with JF might be our loss but by the time game came I thought we woud beat TAM. I think we can run the table if we keep improving. Gus has the boys believing it because he is much more than a HUNH coach. He is a well rounded coach that is a winner and we will be too. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild ride, but from what I see and feel we can do it. This feels like 2010 when I predicted from the beginning of the year that we would go all the way if that QB Newton panned out. LOL. Call me crazy but I’m crazy about these tigers and their coaches.

  10. aubiefan2 says:

    I went to the game, and was located in Section 147, row 2, seat 4. Right in front of the cheerleaders and about 15 feet down from where the caption picture was taken. Fans of A&M were great, but they were stunned at the upset. We were right on the track next to the field, so when the game was over, everyone hopped over the wall to leave. My buddy and I did the same, right about the time the Auburn team came off of the field, so we jumped into the celebration along with them. I got a chance to high-five all of the players and CGM after the game….never seen him that happy! Fantastic day for Auburn, fans and players alike.