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Auburn’s 2015 Season in Perspective

By on January 1st, 2016 in Member Post 2 Comments »

All of our opponents except for Kentucky and Idaho are playing in bowl games.

San Jose State beat Georgia State 27-16. We beat Jan Jose St. 35-21.

We are Jacksonville State’s only loss. We beat J St. 27-20.

Louisville beat Texas A&M 27-21. We beat them both; 31-24 vs Louisville, 26-10 vs aTm.

LSU beat Texas Tech 56-27. We lost to LSU 21-45.

Mississippi State beat North Carolina State 51-28. We lost to Miss St. 9-17.

We beat Memphis 31-10. They have the #1 QB draft pick.

bama shut out Michigan St. 38-0. We lost to bama 13-29.

The rest of the bowl games have yet to be played at the time this is being written.

Two points: 1. The SEC is reasserting itself in these bowl games, and 2. Auburn’s 2015 season should be seen in the proper perspective.

We played quality opponents, and our losses were close losses except against LSU. We play in the toughest CFB conference  Watch the bowl games and compare how we did versus how the current bowl opponents fare against our opponents.

I should have waited until after all the bowl games were played to this for a complete analysis, but I just felt this needed to be said. Auburn wasn’t a total failure this season. It was a tough slate of games we played. Our opponents are doing well in their bowl games. Keep the faith and don’t be too down on the program.



  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Texas A&M has imploded offensively. I have no answer. Kevin Sumlin was able to plug and play different quarterbacks at Houston, and he seemed able to do it at TAMU, a year ago. This year, the defense improved, and the offense went in the toilet. I felt like TAMU lost a winnable game against Louisville.

    ….. Not much to say about Florida. That was a stinker, in a lot of ways. Florida’s lone TD came on a great trick play.

    …..Let’s hope Ole Miss doesn’t repeat last year’s bowl performance against Baylor. Maybe they’ll be ready to play in N’awlins.

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Something i am trying desperately to forget. With an awful defense and incompetent offense frankly i am surprised we managed 6-6. Put in another and maybe more realistic perspective 2-6 in SEC play. Smoke and mirrors.

    Horrible season when you think of the preparation and treasure spent and to think we rolled out those quarterbacks? Neither SEC caliber players.

    Something that sits squarely on a coach’s shoulders in my opinion.


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