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Auburn to Allow Fans on Field After Homecoming Game

By on October 9th, 2013 in Football 4 Comments »

Years ago when I was raising a family, we would leave our seats in the north endzone after games at Jordan-Hare Stadium and walk across the football field, allowing our kids to run ahead of us. Our family would exit out the tunnel underneath the south endzone, walking past the players locker room as we left.

Those were fond memories that my kids have until this day. Later on, that family tradition was halted when the SEC outlawed the practice of allowing fans on the field after games. I only wish I had taken pictures of those moments.

This Saturday my children’s kids will have the same opportunity when Auburn opens Pat Dye Field to fans after the Homecoming game against Western Carolina. For a guy who cherishes family moments as well as an appreciation for nostalgia, it will be a special time.

Just to think of being on the same turf that Auburn players and coaches past and present have played on is something we all are looking forward to.

The school had to gain a special waiver from the Southeastern Conference to host the event. Athletics Director, Jay Jacobs said, “We felt that this was a great time to do this. We’re very appreciative of the Conference and Commissioner Slive for allowing this to happen for our fans.”

The University’s official release states that fans will be granted the opportunity to come to the playing surface after the coaches and players have exited. Fans can gain access to the field thru field gates at Sections 1, 11, 15, 20, 24 and 34.

I know one family that will be happy to once again step on the field where  Auburn Legends have roamed And this time we will have a camera.

Looking forward to seeing you at the game. War Eagle


  1. BigDaddyAU says:

    I will be venturing forth to the “Homeland” this weekend with my Dad, my brother, and my oldest daughter.

    I was blessed to spend 4 great years at Auburn and even more blessed to be able to set foot on the turf each Saturday as a member of the Auburn Marching Band. I am excited to give my daughter the opportunity to walk the field and watch her face light up.

    It will be nice to see my Dad get to roam the field again as he did 40 years ago as an officer for the Auburn Campus Police Department.

    Hope to see a good crowd and watch the fine Auburn men bring home a “W” for the Auburn family.

  2. mikeautiger says:

    It was such a joy as a kid and teenager to go on the field as the players were leaving and get to get a chin strap or a sweat band or autograph. Then walk over to the band as they played for up to an hour after a game and watch the majorettes as they twirled and danced to the music. So sad it is not a regular opportunity to get on the field.

    One time about 14 years ago we had gone down to Auburn early, like on Thursday, and my 2 boys got to go see the locker room and try on a helmet and run around on the field with other kids, it is still one of their greatest memories. As my youngest son sometimes says “oh the memories.”

    As a kid I got on the field and got a sweatband from ken Bernich an all-American linebacker. My son in his first year playing football a good sized kid was playing linebacker and getting pushed around pretty good. So I went into my trunk of goodies found the old sweatband, fixed it so it would fit him and told him the story of how I got it and who it belonged to, and that it had the Auburn spirit in it and he would play line backer like an all American. So he put it on and played like a a crazy man, and never got pushed around again.

    Why did they make that stupid rule anyway?

  3. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing that Mike.

  4. GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

    Wish I could be there for it. My granddad used to walk with me on the field after games. God I miss that man.