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Auburn Looks to Win Barbee’s 2nd Iron Bowl of Basketball

By on January 29th, 2014 in Basketball 12 Comments »

Cam Newton celebrates Auburn Basketball’s last win over Alabama. (photo: Albert Cesare,Opelika Auburn News)

February 6th, 2013 Auburn’s leading scorer Frankie Sullivan missed his first 11 shots against Alabama and the Tigers trailed at the half 23-13. But Auburn overcame the deficit to win The Iron Bowl of Basketball 49-37.

It was the last time Auburn won an SEC game.

Tomorrow night Auburn will have a chance to repeat that winning performance as the two arch rivals will go at it at 7:30 p.m. in the Auburn Arena. The game was scheduled for tonight but inclement weather has caused it to be rescheduled for Thursday right after the Women’s 5:00 p.m. game against Texas A&M; it will be the second part of a doubleheader.

It’s been a long 12 months since Auburn celebrated their last conference victory. The Tigers (8-9, 0-6 SEC) have lost 21 of their last 22 regular-season SEC games including 16 games in a row – a school record. The SEC record for most consecutive conference losses is 22, set by Alabama between 1968-1970.

Despite having the SEC’s leading scoring tandem in Chris Denson and KT Harrell, Auburn has lost six straight this year. Although the Tigers have been competitive up to the last couple of minutes in most of those contest, they have yet to secure a conference victory.

For some reason, Auburn always seem to struggle at the foul line but the biggest problem, as of late, has been a failure of the rest of the team to help Denson and Harrell offensively. The bench in particularly has been almost absent in production with a low point of a 0 for 28 performance coming in a 82-74 loss to Mississippi State.

The Tigers really struggled in their last outing against Arkansas, shooting only 36 percent and losing by nineteen 86-67. With a third of the SEC season in the books, Coach Tony Barbee said his team needs to, “Play with confidence and focus and poise down the stretch.” That’s a hard thing to do when your 0-16 and haven’t been able to make a shot in the last couple of minutes of five close games.

ODKtrophyThe Tigers can’t do anything about those 16 loses but they can do something about ending the streak. They can beat Alabama!

The Tide (9-10- 3-3 SEC) comes into the game not much better off, currently tied with three other teams for fifth place in the Western Division. However, they did look good in overcoming a 19 point deficit to defeat LSU in their last outing.

The highlight of the night may come at half time as Coach Malzahn and the football players will be on hand to receive the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy for the football team’s spectacular win over Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

Hopefully that won’t be the only bright spot of the evening … Maybe the Tigers will end their losing streak with another win over the Tide.

Lets go Tigers! Beat Alabama!


  1. TigerWoman TigerWoman says:

    Bad roads have caused the school to move the game to Thursday at 7:30 right after women’s game against Texas a&m at 5:00.

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      Thanks for the update – I edited the article to reflect the change from tonight to a double header Thursday.

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Will be interesting to watch two suspect teams duke it out. It’s always fun to beat the Tide!

    …..It’s some wacky weather, here in the Tragic City. The forecast yesterday was for a “dusting” of snow, and no travel problems. Somehow, in about 30 minutes it went from flurries to big heavy wet flakes hitting 20 degree streets and instantly turning to ice. All the businesses and schools let everyone loose at about the same time, and streets were jammed and at a standstill. There are abandoned cars everywhere, this morning.

    …..Like a big dummy, I went to work yesterday morning on less than a quarter tank of gas. No way was I going to be able sit in hours of gridlock without running out of gas. So when work let out for me, I had a nice five mile hike home. Luckily I did have a ski-base layer on, my gloves, and black Russian mobster furred hat. It was actually pretty fun. I made it home in a hour and 15 minutes, which is probably way quicker than most other denizens of this city. Some folks aren’t home yet!

    • MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

      You left out the important stuff. How was the sledding?
      A balmy 13 right now in Huntsville after a start at 3 degrees. In Michigan, where I play a golf tournament every year, it is one degree colder. I always thought Alabama was in the south.

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      How much accumulation did you get Acid & Bill? We got about 4-5 inches at our place, but then again we’re in the country.

      • sparkey sparkey says:

        I am curious as well. We have loads of snow out here y’all. The metropolis of Wadley is under a blowtorch burning blizzard of white fire and grey pain. It’s great. Haha, so who’d like a Vicodin Diary today? I got nothing else to do.

        • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

          Been awhile Sparkey, I’d like to read another Diary post.

          I’m also looking forward to the Tigers breaking the streak tomorrow across an elephant’s back.

      • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

        ….Only two inches in B’ham, but I haven’t seen this many wrecks and closed roads since the 1982 ice-fest. We had some good runs on the sled yesterday, but the ice is broken up this morning, and there are too many patches of bare concrete to get up to speed. That, and it’s below 20 degrees.

    • AUcideng42 AUcideng42 says:

      Glad you made it home. My sister near B’ham got stranded at her high school overnight. I’m in Atlanta and am very fortunate to be working from home. That 2″ of snow caused what looked like the zombie apocalypse for commuters.

  3. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    Let’s go out and BEAT BAMA!!!


    GO BIG BLUE !!!

    BEAT BAMA !!!

  4. wpleagle wpleagle says:

    Woo, Acid’s comments really bring back the memories. I did a four-mile hike in Atlanta’s SnowJam 82 in dress shoes. Thankfully, had a heavy overcoat, scarf and gloves, but no headgear. I made the hike decision when I saw a city bus sliding downhill barely under control.
    We had about 1 1/2 inches in Atlanta, but I have never seen such chaos. Thankfully, I got home early, but still took my 30 minutes to go barely 3 miles.

  5. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I KNOW that the Northerners and Midwesterners (ahem) have been having a field day with the scenes from the South (and I have to admit that it was 1 degree on my walk in this morning, which felt a hell of a lot warmer than -10, so I kinda get cheeky when folks bemoan the 20 degree weather…..)BUT, ice is no joke. Northerners find lovely ditches during ice storms and some folks spin out when trying to brake on snow…especially that first snow of the season (pump your brakes, y’all; just sayin’). Additionally, come October, our sand trucks are on constant standby. There’s not the $$ or need for this in the South, so ‘small’ snows amount to giant gridlock messes. Believe it or not, as I look out my office window, we have NO snow on the ground. Now, come March and April, we will likely be knee deep in snow, while y’all’s azaleas are all bloomed out…..

    …Acid, there is something wonderfully peaceful about walking in non-sideways, blizzard snow. Glad that you had fun and stayed safe 🙂