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Auburn Fans: Show Your Class On Saturday Morning

By on October 11th, 2006 in Football Comments Off on Auburn Fans: Show Your Class On Saturday Morning

Anytime a live national television broadcast comes to a college campus there’s the opportunity for stupidity to raise its ugly head. This weekend is no exception. When ESPN’s GameDay College Football Showcomes live from the Plains of Auburn Saturday morning, there will be a temptation, probably by some students, to make fools of themselves and thus make Auburn look like a bunch of idiots.

Take it from somebody that acted like a fool at times in college, you’ll only make yourself and your school look stupid. Making an obscene sign, sneaking it in passed security and then throwing it up at the last minute before anyone catches you is not funny anymore. You’ve already been beat to the punchline. The same goes for your language. There’s nothing cool about using profanity during the broadcast. It makes you look low rent and reflects on all of us.

If you hold an unnatural grudge against GameDay then stay at home. Auburn only gets this opportunity every few years. Let’s make the most of it. Regardless of what anyone says, Chris, Lee and Kirk do not hold a grudge against Auburn. If you haven’t figured it out, GameDay is entertainment. They do have an agenda. Everyone does. Were they working to keep Auburn out of the BCS Championship? No.

Their job is to invoke emotion in all college football fans. One week they are with you, the next they’re not. It’s no different than a Paul Finebaum column. They are there to put on good theater and we’re the supporting cast. All Auburn alumni and fans are proud of the tradition that we have on the Plains. We talk about the Auburn spirit frequently. It’s a way of life and it’s something that we want to share with the country. If you’re planning on acting a fool, think twice about it. You’re representing more than just yourself.

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