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Auburn – Arkansas Set for Showdown in the West

By on November 1st, 2013 in Football 8 Comments »

Even though the Auburn Tigers’ game against Arkansas kicks off at 5:00 pm CT Saturday in Fayetteville, the game has the trappings of a high noon showdown in the old west. Their 23rd meeting is rife with underlining story lines.

Auburn Running backs coach, Tim Horton was an All- Conference player for the Razorbacks. Like his father before him, he also coached at Arkansas

Auburn Running backs coach, Tim Horton was an All- Conference player for the Razorbacks. Like his father before him, he also coached at Arkansas

With several members of the coaching staff hailing from the “Natural State” including Head Coach Gus Malzahn … what will it be like for them to return to compete against the Razorbacks?

Will Arky’s bye week give them any advantage? With the Hogs having won four of the last five is there anything to a so called Arkansas Hex?

Then there is the Bret Bielema drama that has been played out this week in the media (charges he made that Auburn was less than forthcoming with the game tapes the Tigers were required to send to Fayetteville).

Wonder what words these two will have when they meet at midfield Saturday.

Wonder what words these two will have when they meet at midfield Saturday?

Of course, that salvo just added fuel to the feud  grudge  difference of opinion that started last July during SEC Media Days between the the two head sheriffs of the programs – over the so called “safety issues” of the Hurry-Up-No-Huddle Offense.

Nick MarshallHowever, the most intriguing question has been who will start at quarterback for Auburn? Will backup Jeremy Johnson get his first SEC start or will No.1 QB Nick Marshall be ready to go after injuring his throwing shoulder in last week’s win over Florida Atlantic?

Jeremy JohnsonThe latest word from Gus Malzahn came yesterday on his weekly Tiger Talk radio show, “Obviously we’d like for (Nick) to play, but at the same time he’s got to be healthy enough to do that.”

He added, “Jeremy is getting to a point where he can run our entire offense. There’s nothing we don’t feel like he can’t do.”

Make no mistake, despite the Hogs record  this is a big game.

Arkansas has not had the season they would have liked to have had at this point and Bielema has marked this game as the one he really wants since he came to town. With the way things have gone for his team so far, he needs this game even more than he originally thought. He needs it for a chance to turn around his the Hogs fortunes. 

For the No. 8 Tigers, a win keeps them as the second highest ranked team in the SEC and in contention for first place in the west.

So buckle up Tiger fans, this is going to be another SEC West Showdown! War Eagle and …

Beat ‘dem Hoggs!

                      There can be only one left standing after a showdown in the West


  1. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I’m glad that tomorrow is a busy day. If had all day to sit around and twiddle my thumbs….ooohmp that wait til 5 would be a killer!

    War Eagle!

  2. DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

    Before the season, I said I would be happy with a 7-5 record and Arkansas was not high on my radar. But after Bielema’s continued whining and complaining about Gus and Auburn … I now really want to beat Arkansas. Yes, Beat em like a drum!

    • BigDaddyAU says:

      The general consensus around my house is that Gus will be “not-so-subtle” and keep the foot on the floor with the HUNH until Arkansas is sucking wind on defense. I hope we move the ball well enough to do this the entire game. We also have a bet as to how many “mysterious” cramps begin to pop up as the game progresses.

      Over/under on the cramps is 6. I took the Over. Who’s betting?

      War Damn Eagle!!!

  3. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Yeah, I would love to hear the exchange at midfield too. But then again, Gus will just continue to be the gentleman he has been through this whole crap with Big belly Bielema. Like Scarbinsky said the other day, the guy seems to be spooked by Malzahn’s long shadow in Arkansas. I hope the Tigers give him his worst fears about the outcome of the game.

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Count me as one who’s sick of playing at night nearly every time. I’m one of those 1:30 PM traditionalists. Game over at 3:30, Reign Report in the hopper by 5:00, and then a good night cooking and eating. And I could do what I want on Sunday. My schedule’s been horrible this fall, and I really need to do a better job of getting out a timely report. I’m gonna try to do this week’s as soon as the stats are final.

    …..If nothing else, I need to attend a day game to get some pictures, because I get nothing but blurry snapping stuff at night with a point ‘n’ shoot. Best thing about the newer cameras is that you can stick a big SD card in there, and you’re going to run out of battery before running out of picture space.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      1. You rock out the Reign Report every week. Nobody cares what time it comes out as long as it does.

      2. I live in a place of 1 pm or 2:30 pm kick offs. It works as long as Auburn doesn’t play til later. Tomorrow is special, because me and my fam are invited to a tailgate AND the game which happily starts at 1:30. One of the football players is an Honor’s student in my lab. They like to celebrate faculty that make an impact….so yay! Then we can come home in plenty of time for the Auburn game. Good stuff.

  5. CapnVegetto says:

    God I hope we kick their asses by about 8 touchdowns. Bret Bielima is a fat, whiny turd and is looking for any excuse other than “I suck at coaching” to account for his piss poor performance this year.

    No mercy Gus, please. Run up the damn score. Set a record. Make him whine some more.

  6. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    I LOVE night games until it gets cold. 😉 ‘course I’m a night owl and would rather stay up late and have my day free to tailgate. Then I can either just peruse the other channels until then and not have to be glued to the TV until my beloved Tigers are on. After all those morning games last year ~ it has been a relief for me.

    But today I think roasting some hawg would be fabulous!! Gus is a gentleman. He said on GameDay that he would shake hands and tell Beluga good luck ~ hope that’s code for I’m gonna whip your butt (which he loves to tell the guys!) Time to eat some BBQ!!!!!!