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Auburn AD Pens Open Letter to Tiger Fans

By on December 11th, 2018 in Football, News 7 Comments »

Auburn Athletic Director Allen Greene has been noticeably quiet during recent news reports, rumors and speculation about the future of Auburn football. On Monday the AD penned an open letter to the fan base in which he talked about several Tiger sports but specifically addressed fan’s concern with the football program.

Below, we have posted an excerpt of Greene’s remarks. You can read his entire letter here.

“Throughout the season, Coach Malzahn and I had discussions focused on placing our student-athletes in the best competitive position for the future. To confirm, Coach Malzahn is dedicated to this program, and he has my support as we work together to move forward. Our discussions are ongoing, and we will focus on evolving in all facets of the program to achieve better and more consistent results. Rest assured, my commitment to overseeing and managing the effort to put Auburn football back at the level we expect and you deserve will be unrelenting.

“We have the most passionate fan base in the country, who love Auburn and all it represents. You, the fans, are the driving force in our effort to make you proud. Of course, it stings when we fall short of our lofty expectations, but in true Auburn fashion, we will dust ourselves off and recommit to our goals.

“To reiterate, my responsibility is to serve Auburn, and more specifically, our coaches, staff and student-athletes. Among other things, successfully navigating this endeavor requires collaboration, trust, passion and resilience—qualities our young men and women learn every day as student-athletes.

“As the end of football season draws near, I look forward to the upcoming bowl game and enjoying the winter sports season, which includes men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and swimming & diving.

“One of the many reasons I’m happy to call Auburn home is because of your fierce loyalty to the orange and blue. Thank you for your passion, and thank you for welcoming my family with open arms. Continue to believe in Auburn and love it.
“War Eagle and Happy Holidays!”


  1. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    We want SUBSTANCE ! Not fluff!

  2. meathead530 says:

    The tie looks more like Tennessee orange.

  3. Im4Auburn says:

    Makes me feel better that He confirms his support for coach Malzahn.

    • Greene saying, “Coach Malzahn is dedicated to this program and he has my support.” Makes me feel somewhat better but then he also says ….

      “Our discussions are ongoing.” Translation – What we already knew, coach Malzahn situation is not settled yet. He’s basically saying Gus is the coach right now but we’ll have to see how next season goes.

  4. neonbets says:

    More from Greene’s Open Letter:

    …So let’s get behind Coach Malzahn and support the troops. Together we can! We will all come together and defend our Auburn values. We have to–for the children!

  5. Madkiso says:

    I personally like the tone of this letter. It appears that Mr Greene sees the same deficiencies in Gus we all do, specifically, that he needs hand holding and help keeping focused on the mission, and just overall direction in evolving into a head coach. Maybe he can help Gus develop, or not. In any event, it’s a better approach than paying him out. Make him coach another year or two and either develop or be exposed for a complete fraud and failure as a head coach.

  6. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    What’s he supposed to say? “Gus failed the fans and the program But we decided to let him stay and see how things go next year because his buyout right now is insane.” ?? This is just more hot air to fill the room.
    Gus should have been let go after the Jeremy Johnson debacle. Since then we can still point to multiple reasons he should no longer be here. Luck and terrible management from Leadership has us in this current condition/spot.
    What a nightmare.

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