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Are we paranoid ?

By on March 13th, 2015 in Member Post 6 Comments »


Good Morning Tigers:

I just opened the Friday edition of the Birmingham News (a subsidiary of the Alabama Media Group) and expected to see some front page coverage of Auburn’s stunning upset of Texas A&M, a second win in the SEC tournament and something Auburn has been unable to accomplish in 15 years.

The banner across the top–Alabama football-“Foster is Tide’s Crazy Guy on defense”. The largest article (nearly 1/2 page) was “Chasing Perfection” about Kentucky, who has yet to play a tournament game. Below that, thumbnails about 4 teams’ attempt at perfection. Right hand column, a recap of UAB’s semi-final win over Western Kentucky which is deserved and belongs there. Then, small tease mentions of Nascar’s Kurt Busch reinstatement and a tiny tease about Greg Sanky replacing Mike Slive as SEC commissioner.

This is why Auburn people get labeled as “paranoid” and “having the little brother syndrome”, etc. When I finally got to page SEVEN, hooray ! Auburn’s win over A&M, about a quarter page, shared with two Bama stories, a tiny article about Vol’s win over Vandy, a tournament schedule, and the follow-ups from page one.

Auburn’s game was over around 5 pm. Plenty of time to make the front page. I’m not shocked nor disappointed. It’s business as usual and the ghost of the late Bert Bank still presiding over the state media. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Bank, he’s the godfather of Alabama sports on radio and later, all the rest of the media firmly under the control of his “progeny”. Oh, and by the way, he was the state senator who presented a bill to abolish Auburn University.


  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I’ve never met a bammer, sidewalk variety or actual graduate, that could be trusted as a source of print, or electronic media. Their sole purpose is to glorify UAT. No honor. No integrity.

  2. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    You are absolutely spot on auh20 – needed to be said this morning.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I let my Tragic City News subscription run out, about 4 years ago. It kept getting smaller and smaller, and much of the sports commentary centered on out-Finebauming each other. Sad that a big Auburn SEC tourney win only rates page seven!

    …..Two final straws for me were shinking the Sunday comics section once again, and the delivery guy would NOT stop throwing my paper into the biggest puddle in the driveway! Every time it rained, the paper was floating in that puddle. EVERY TIME!

  4. DBAU81 says:

    I’ve lived in Alabama 56 years and can assure you we are not paranoid. It has always been this way and likely always will be. Brandon Marcello and Joel A. Ericson do a nice job as the Auburn beat writers for but, overall, the media in this state is just a Bama lovefest.

  5. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Now that the Tigers play Kentucky, Auburn will get some ink. However, it will most likely be more about the Wildcat buzzsaw instead of this incredible run made by Pearl’s fired up Orange and Blue Brigade.

  6. aero-tiger says:

    I agree and you are correct about state newspaper coverage…

    It has never made sense to me because most bammers do not know how to read