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Anyone care to make comparisons?

By on October 29th, 2013 in Member Post 10 Comments »

…about our back field, I mean…  Our current ‘no name’ stable of backs will probably go down in Auburn history as some of the best.  So until they reach that level, anyone care to compare them to some of the other greats? 

I’ll go first.  Corey Grant is my Kenny Irons; CAP is my Stephen Davis; and Tre Mason is my Carnell Williams.  Oh, and Jay Prosch is my Jay Prosch…


  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Prosch – Heath Evans
    CAP – William Andrews
    Mason – Joe Cribbs
    Grant – If the staff gave him more carries we might see a little Brent Fulwood there.

  2. BigDaddyAU says:

    Prosch = Tony Richardson
    Artis-Payne = James Bostic
    Mason = Stacey Danley
    Grant = Lionel James

    I think CAP has the potential to be like Rudi Johnson were he the feature back…but hell Bostic was pretty good too.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      LOVE the CAP = James Bostic comparison. That’s right on!!

      • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

        …..CAP is James Bostic without the fumbles. Bostic dropped one or two on the ground nearly every game. He got benched against Georgia after he lost one early against New Mexico State early.

        …..Quite honestly, we’ve never had a fullback like Prosch. He’s easily 30 pounds heavier than any who came before him. Well, except for Ladarious Phillips, may he rest in peace.

        …..Mason does remind me of Fullwood, only lower to the ground and more powerful. Those guys make sensational split-second cuts, for sure! Mason is a LOT faster than Stacey Danley was, though.

        • BigDaddyAU says:

          My comparison of Mason to Danley was not as much based on speed as it was the ability to get tuff yards in tight spaces…Tre has really impressed me with his hard nosed runs between the tackles. Danley had that knack, as I remember, for the tuff yards after contact.

        • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

          I thought Heath Evans and Reid McMillon were in the 240 to 250 range. I thought McMillon had the chance to be something special had he not injured his knee. Evans was one heck of a back.

    • SandMountainTiger SandMountainTiger says:

      James Bostic. Man, I really loved that dude. He always just seemed like a man-beast out there.

  3. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Sorry. I like Prosch, an excellent feel good story for sure.. but to compare him to Heath Evans?? Heck no. Prosch spends way too much time looking around as the guy he is supposed to be blocking is making the tackle.

    Tre Mason is the best back in our backfield. And if I had to make a comparison… in my opinion it would be to Ben Tate. My reasoning would be his work ethic. The way he runs. He did it last year too. But our record was so bad that he didn’t get much attention. He is the core of our offense.

    CAP… ?? I am at a loss. Wouldn’t say Bostic. I actually haven’t seen him play enough to make a comparison. His body style is also Ben Tate ish….but I will pass on a comparison till I see more of him playing.

    Grant? At best I would say he is fast like the last scat back we had that just graduated… Onterio McCalleb.

    I think these kids are good. They are examples of quality recruiting… but on the same note… I’d point out that Mason was here last year and so was Grant. Much like the rest of this team.

    That leads me to think the real question here is what is the identity of this team? My opinion it is wrapped in several layers. Mainly its built around redemption for last year’s record. But some of the things that happened were not the kids fault. I believe a large majority of it was due to coaching. And so far Malzahn has taken a straight and narrow path.

    I woudn’t say anyone on AU’s offense is “5 star quality”. They are blue collar talent. And I can deal with that… any day.

    War Eagle

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      The AU staff and opposing teams staffs say Prosch is one of the best blocking fullback/H backs they have ever seen. Not sure if he can run the ball as well as Evans did, he doesn’t get the opportunity. Both have are or were excellent receivers out of the backfield.