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An Open Letter to Coach Malzahn

By on December 11th, 2016 in Member Post Comments Off on An Open Letter to Coach Malzahn

Dear Coach Malzahn,

     Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. You have great, time-consuming responsibilities so I’ll not waste your time with nonsense. Thank you for your service to Auburn University and congratulations on a good season. I know everyone concerned with Auburn football wishes this season had been even greater, and certainly, you are no exception. With this season’s results in mind, on behalf of the entire fan base, allow me to ask you a few questions, please.

     Many times this season, it seemed that your offensive game plan revolved around running plays that didn’t work in hopes that they would eventually. Can you address this?

    Can we as fans expect to always need the best available transfer/ JUCO QB every year because quarterback development is not in your wheelhouse?

     If I can sit on my couch and know where the ball is going 80% of the time, does it logically follow that a competent defensive coordinator and his players will have at least as much success?

    If HUNH is your specialty ( and it certainly is), why did we not average over 70 plays per game this season? Is this because our personnel can’t run the offense? If we have the talent to run the offense, why did we not make it our identity all year, every game?

There are many more questions, but the answers to these few will go a long way toward determining if the rest are worth asking. Thank you for your time and War Eagle. 


Long Time Tiger



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