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Always Auburn

By on November 11th, 2012 in Member Post 2 Comments »

As a little girl, I remember sitting on my dads lap and watching the game. Either at home or in the stadium. My father and uncle both went to Auburn and my father played for the Tigers in the 50’s. Won and made a few winning touchdowns against some great teams back in his day. And my Uncle ran the fisheries department. He retired and Auburn  put our last name on the building he worked in for so many years.

There is my history. Now, lets get down to some things about this season. While I do not believe that a coach having one bad season should be fired, I do believe Chizik should go. I know that this team can play. They played against LSU and just about beat them. We just ran out of time. Then the coach decides to hire a private security team to make sure the team was making curfew. The players were upset and said the coach did not have any trust in them.

No TRUST means no TEAM. Hence, what we have seen unfolding this season is a Mutiny. They will not play for this man. When I have watched every down, every snap, ever single minute of every game and I see our players just stand there and let players run by them, I knew then something was amiss in that locker room. 

When your team stops playing, there is a behind the scenes issue. My thing is they should have respect for themselves. They were recruited to play football. And that is the one thing any of them have not done this season. If I were the coach no matter what, they would be paying the price for poor performances.

But, the question is the new staff even teaching this young team of Auburn to play in this conference? Or are the players just not willing to try to see that this coach won’t be there next year? I think a little of both. They really shelled out the money to Chizik after we won the National Championship. I do not for the life of me understand that kind of money. ANY team who had Fairley and Newton would have won that National Championship.

It was not due to Chiziks fine coaching skills. And that’s the bottom line here. He is a mediocre coach that has not really done anything note worthy for our Tigers. Yes, we won the SEC Championship, and the National Championship with him as the head coach. But, it was our defensive and offensive coordinators who really deserve that glory.

One can only hope that when this season is over, we have a whole new staff. And we can just forget about this painful to watch season. I will say WAR EAGLE always. I am saying it in a whisper though. Auburn has always been a scrappy team, and always given each team they play their whole entire hearts.

This team this season does not have any heart. Or even the will to play. Get rid of all of the staff. I say find coaches that our team wants to play for.  And regroup and lets see what next year brings. When you see die hard fans get up and leave before half time of a game, and put paper bags over their heads in shame, it is time to get rid of the lot of them. I am only one person, but I just bet there is an Auburn Nation that feels exactly like I do.


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Thanks so much for posting. I think you may be right on cause and effect. Furthermore, for the players who’ve been around football their whole life, I don’t know how they can trust in the schemes, either. Scot Loeffler’s play calling (or whomever is calling them) has been an absolute disaster this season, and the players have to know that we have no chance with that offense.

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Chizik did the security service after Reece Dismukes got arrested for drinking at the start of the season… of course, that is only hearsay. But it sounds reasonable.