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All Uphill From Here

By on June 26th, 2013 in Football 2 Comments »

After yet another off-season that started with disappointment and bad news from the media, things have settled down and Jay Jacobs is ready to get going toward the fall. Can you blame him? For a man that has drawn criticism from many in the Auburn Family of late, he has put together three top-notch hires in the past six months. His most important is gearing up for his first big test and Jay Jacobs is confident in what the future holds for Auburn Athletics.  

You can feel it from all over the college football landscape; this Auburn Tigers football team is putting off some seriously positive vibes. Since the day Gus Malzahn arrived on campus things have slowly begun to shift, but with summer workouts well underway and signees officially arriving; people are beginning to buy into this team’s potential.Jay Jacobs

Phil Steele recently spoke about Auburn’s potential under Malzahn and he declared that he felt the Tigers would be in National Title contention sooner rather than later. Strong words from one of the more reliable “experts” on college football, but the praise doesn’t end there. Tony Barnhart believes Malzahn will have the most success of any of the newcomers to the SEC head coaching ranks. Barnhart also states that Malzahn has the most talent to work with out of the newcomers and that is what will give him the edge.

Talent, however, doesn’t navigate the SEC on its own. The caliber of recruits that has been signed in the recent years is undeniable, but thus far, has not translated to the field for the most part. Many believe that Gus Malzahn is the right man to step in and start extracting some results from the stockpile of stars on Auburn’s roster.

Nick MarshallAuburn has a strong (though mostly unproven) group of quarterbacks to draw from unlike in years past. Newcomer Nick Marshall, upstart sophomore Jonathan Wallace, and the once heralded Kiehl Frazier all have the potential to be the explosive playmaker at the quarterback position that Malzahn’s offense thrives on. Auburn’s eventual win-loss record is certainly debatable, but I believe it is a safe bet that when Malzahn finds a quarterback from this group that he can wrap the offense around the Tigers will be a formidable offensive unit for any defense it faces.

The task at hand is not an easy one for this coaching staff. Auburn must struggle uphill to get back to its former heights, but nothing has ever been out of reach from hard work. For all intents and purposes, it appears that this staff and players are doing just that. Let’s get going.


  1. Busch Barbarian Busch Barbarian says:

    Agreed. War Eagle!

  2. sparkey sparkey says:

    This program is on the right path. I am wondering how quickly things will turn around under Gus. I think we win 8 games for 2013 which is more than double last season. Consequently, I’d say that’s a great turn around in one season.