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Alabama Fans and Walmart

By on December 6th, 2013 in Member Post 6 Comments »

I know there isn’t that remarkable a delineation as to the type of people that you will meet in your local Walmart, as everyone likes to shop and get good prices on things they purchase.  I live in Woodstock, GA so, while there isn’t quite the prevalence of Updykes that you will see in Alabama Walmarts, I still get to meet a few.  That being said….

The day after the Iron Bowl, I had to go to Walmart for groceries and other various and sundry items wearing my normal Auburn attire after an Auburn football game (win or lose).  On this day, after I put all of the groceries into the car and was going to put the cart in one of the cart collecting stalls, I noticed that between me and the closest stall was a true Bama fan smoking a cigarette next to his vehicle.

He had on a Bama shirt and hat and his vehicle was adorned with various Bama hats strewn over the dashboard (this is something I have never understood, as I hate clutter), Bama memorabilia hanging down from the mirror, his possibly pregnant wife/girlfriend/sister adorned with a bama tank top sitting in the passenger seat, etc.  As I got closer to him, he kept trying to catch my eye to have what I believed to be the normal Bama reaction after the game, we didn’t play our best, you guys were lucky, etc, etc.

I was relatively surprised when he congratulated Auburn on a great win with very few disparaging remarks (I don’t think they are capable of not saying at least one disparaging remark about Auburn in a conversation) about Auburn.  He went on to admit that he and his father had cried a bit after the game and I offered my condolences and said that Alabama had played a great game as well.

I then put up my cart got in my car and went home.

I tell that long winded story to setup the story about the Updyke I met at the Walmart closest to my home this very morning.  As I am about to do a complete front brake job on my car, I had to go get some brake fluid as it was the only thing that I needed to complete my project.  After I parked my car and was walking into Walmart, a man smoking near the entrance needed to tell me how my clothing wasn’t appropriate in his presence (Auburn shirt and hat), he being a Bama fan and all (a smoker with teeth missing, who woulda thunk?).  I acknowledged him and he kept telling me about how they were gracious enough to let us win this year and other stuff that I couldn’t hear as I was walking in the door.

I purchased my brake fluid and was heading back out and had to listen to a few more things about the game and the ubiquitous “Roll Tide” as I was walking to my car.  I simply said War Eagle and got in and left.

It still amazes me that, while I live in Georgia, I have yet to have one Georgia fan (outside of the ones in my Sunday school) come up to me and say anything about their loss to us, but, I will get all kinds of comments from Bama fans/Updykes when I go anywhere with anything that has Auburn on it, which I wear just about everyday.

Well, I hope I haven’t put anyone to sleep with this story, but, I just felt like sharing, lol.

War Eagle and Beat Mizzou!!!


  1. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    What strikes me most is that on game day and prior to it the number of Bammer flags, magnets, etc. on vehicles was huge. I actually counted over a dozen waiting at a a busy intersection the week before the game. After the game, almost zilch, nada, nothing. They all went in the closet, presumably embarrassed to be known as a Bama fan after getting beaten by lowly Auburn. That’s ok, I love it and hope it stays that way.

  2. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    One more thing, thankfully I live in Huntsville. The high tech engineering nature of a lot of the jobs in this town are filled by AU grads. We do have a bunch of trailer parks though.

  3. AUTigerinBR says:

    I am deeply saddened over some of the things I have read about following this game. A shooting- People selling all their UA memorabilia- Death threats to 20 year old kids. Does anybody remember any new stories of Auburn fans doing that kind of thing over any football game Auburn has ever played? I certainly hope not. While winning is a lot more fun, I am no more faithful this year than I was last year during that abysmal season. I really think that is what makes us different. Nobody was a happy faithful Auburn football fan last season, but we were (for the most part) still faithful. We watched until the bitter end win or lose. I love my university and no football game will change that.

  4. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    As David Housel said in his “What Is Auburn?” “It is much more than a football game or merely winning or losing. It is a spirit, an attitude… etc”. I love everything Auburn and will always support it no matter the score or the record. I am NEVER seen in public without something on my person that represents Auburn and I live in a somewhat hostile city. I still get very few ugly comments.

    And, win or lose, I will NEVER forget:


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!


    Dom Cangelosi, Baton Rouge, LA

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