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About Us

Track’emTigers began in July 2007 as an outgrowth of the blog, Football Saturday In The South. After its relaunching as Track’emTigers, the site quickly grew into the most popular Auburn blog on the internet. TET has more than a million visitors each year and nearly four million page views, making it the most visited independent Auburn blog on the internet.

Track’em Tigers is Managed by a staff of three writers…

Jay Coulter: The founder and publisher of Track ‘em Tigers is now in his tenth year blogging on Auburn athletics. Prior to starting Track’em Tigers, Jay was a writer for AOL Sports, covering college football. In 2005, he launched Football Saturday In The South, one of the first blogs to cover SEC football. He is a 1991 graduate of Auburn University. Jay has managed and edited four corporate publications while working for a Fortune 500 company. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Track ‘em Tigers.

Acid Reign has been a regular on Auburn sites for years and joined this blog as an editor and weekly columnist in early 2008. Next to the publisher, he is Track ‘em Tigers’ senior editor and we are fortunate to have him on staff. Acid is a walking encyclopedia that brings a wealth of knowledge to the job. He knows as much about Auburn football as anyone that wears orange and blue. We believe he may be one of the best game preview/review guys around.

PW Elder, a.k.a… AubTigerman  joined the team as a weekly columnist and editor in the Spring of 2010 after having been one of our most active contributors. A life time member of the Auburn Alumni Association, PW brings a thorough knowledge of Auburn football history and his love and passion for Auburn are evident in all his stories. In 2012 he assumed the site manager’s role with responsibility for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of TET.

Track ‘em Tigers also has eight Columnist/Authors on staff …

Greg Goodwin, a.k.a… War Eagle Atlanta joined Track’em Tigers in early 2008 as an editor and weekly columnist. Due to a heavy workload at his day job, WEA became a contributing author in 2014. He brings a much needed wit to the site and doesn’t mind telling it like it is. Living in Atlanta, he brings a true fan perspective to this community. War Eagle Atlanta addresses the issues facing all the SEC and college football. Greg is a 1990 graduate of Auburn.

KoolBell brings a ton of writing experience to the site. Joining the team as an editor in May of 2010, KB decided to become a contributing author in 2012. He produces two other blogs, including the Auburn site over at Phil His writing is some of the most thought provoking around. We are fortunate to have him on our team.

Cole Locascio aka … Cole Loco became a staff writer and weekly columnist for Track ‘em Tigers in 2014. Although still completing his education, Cole is an experienced sports blogger having founded the Auburn site, Auburn Incorporated. Being an Auburn fan has been a family tradition with him considering he has attended Auburn games with his grandfather every year since he was four months old. Cole says that no matter where life takes him, he will forever be an Auburn Man.

Michael Val Hietter, a.k.a… mvhcpa has been posting on Track ‘em Tigers since 2010. His articles are opinionated yet thought provoking. While at Auburn, he was fortunate enough to see Bo, Barkley, and “The Big Hurt” play. Living near Athens, Georgia, the second generation AU alum has had plenty of experience standing up for his alma mater. We are now happy to have him as a regular contributing author on TET.

Derrick Roberts has been a frequent poster and commenter on TET since 2008. Once an editor at TET, he now contributes as an author. He got his start as an Auburn fan when his grandfather would check him out of school in Valley, Ala. to attend home baseball games. His AU allegiance hit a high water mark in 2008 when he proposed to his wife in front of Samford Hall. We know you’ll enjoy reading his work as much as he enjoys writing about the Tigers.

Bill Sewell, a.k.a… MyAuburn: Loyalty to your college is truly a family affair with MyAuburn. With the last name of Sewell (as in Sewell Hall), Bill says you are an Auburn man at birth, with no choice in the matter. He lives, breathes, and sleeps Auburn. In addition to following the Tigers, he plays on the hickory wood golf tour. We at TET are pleased to share the writings of this former Club Golf Professional and dyed in the wool Auburn Man.

Pat Sullivan (yes that’s his real name) a.k.a. Sullivan013 is a TET weekly columnist. Pat began following Auburn football after being introduced at the age of nine by his graduating older brother to an Auburn player of the same name. When it came time to select a university to attend, there really wasn’t much of a choice to be made. Once at Auburn, he fell in love with fall days in Jordan Hare Stadium and a pretty young student with a brilliant smile. Both loves have remained with him for over the last 30 years.

Tom Bohannon, a.k.a. wpleagle, joined the staff in 2014 as the site Copy Editor responsible for making sure the text is grammatically correct, clear, and consistent. He has been a Track ‘Em Tigers reader and commenter for several years. Tom is an Atlanta native who also lives part time on West Point Lake (so he can be near Auburn). He is a 1966 AU graduate, a past owner of a printing business, and a long-time CPA. Tom says he has two great loves in life besides family: Auburn sports and trains (the choo choo variety).

More than anything else, Track’em Tigers is a community – a family. Everyone is welcome to share their opinions and stories. This is what makes the blog so special.