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A View On Why Gene Should Go.

By on October 18th, 2012 in Member Post 4 Comments »

Is it really that hard to envision Gene being cut from his position at the end of this season, after all the new lows?  It seems like there’s plenty of Auburn fans that believe Gene should be given another year or two (at least).  Here’s my take on why one more year would be respectful but maybe very painful.

Yes, Gene took us to the promise land along with great players.  Was Cam the ‘it’ factor that year?  Yes.  The rest of the country should give Gene every bit of credit for that year too.  Gene was a piece of that puzzle that held it all together and he deserves every bit of credit.  Unfortunately those days are gone. Not the memories, but the production is.  In recent eras Terry had an undefeated year (we were on probation),  Tommy had an undefeated year (we were shafted from the NC), Gene gets an undefeated year (during a time when the SEC reigns supreme in the BCS).  All three guys were Coach Of The Year.  Say what you will about each person, but you cannot take away those accomplishments.  Terry went 6 years with a 47-17-1 record.  Tommy went 10 years at 85-40.  Chizik is 31-15 four years in.  We’re about to have fired all these guys, don’t look so surprised.

Here is where Gene’s credentials come into question.  Folks, we hired Gene with a losing record as a Head Coach.  Paul Rhoads seems to be doing better with Iowa State than Gene did during his tenure there.  Gene lost 10 straight games at Iowa St. before moving on to Auburn.  Again, that kind of work puts you on the hot seat, but yet Jay Jacobs still saw him as our next coach.  Our replacement for Tubberville, but wait! What is Tubberville doing at Texas Tech?  Oh yeah, he worked with the offensive system in place and put their Defense at the top of the stat list this year.  We’ve regressed right back to where we started four years ago with the team in shambles and heads about to roll.  Would I be alone to say that maybe we search for an Offensive minded head coach for a change?  Maybe take this whole thing in another direction to offset trying to keep up with ‘other’ programs.  I know that Auburn purists will say we need to stick with Defense and pounding the ball, but I’m merely adding to the conversation.

There’s plenty of comments in regards to Auburn’s top ranked recruiting classes following ‘that year’ and how we should be competing today and not be the whipping post.   The coaches just aren’t developing the players they sign and/or aren’t keeping them on campus are a couple that top the list.  How many of these players are impact players today?  How many are still on the team?  Excuses for a ‘young’ team are unacceptable.  In this day and age when players leave for the NFL well before 4+ years of studies are finished, a player to give us three years of action are becoming the norm.  Heck, JUCO transfers can have even shorter life spans (one year, maybe?).  If these are Blue Chippers then they need to be impact players by their sophomore year at least.  The top guys should be starters from day 1.  “Young Team”, get outta here!

It’s unprecedented that we would fire a coach two years removed from a NC.  It’s unprecedented for a team to be so far from resembling one that’s only two years removed from an NC.  I’m sorry, if you get paid millions of dollars (well above any other professional on campus shaping young minds) then you better produce, above the norm.  Gene isn’t producing and he sure isn’t shaping the next Pulitzer Prize winner either.  Win or go home.  Chizik might be a better Defensive Coordinator than Head Coach… his resume says so, there, I said it.


  1. CapnVegetto says:

    Agreed, man. The MNC is in the past. Right now, we have a team full of talent that is getting no coaching. That is easily fixed.

    Chizik should be fired. The only question is how to go about it.

  2. AUMILO85 says:

    We need to contact Bobby P’s agent and gauge his interest! No planes or meetings with him but if we make a move to let CGC go, have a plan in place. CTT was hired quickly and we need to do the same again! I like CGC as a man but when you make his salary, this season is completely unacceptable!!!

  3. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    All of this is far too political and out of the hands of simple minded folks like the fans [insert sarcasm]. But honestly, there are stupid people out there and unfortunately they do control some very important and public outlets. Hey! Wait a minute!! Is that what we have going on here?

    Dr. Jones – Thank you for joining our staff of education professionals. All of your degrees and success as a teacher to graduate top earning students and world leaders has earned you a pay raise up to $60K a year! You have kept our educational program on the map.

    Mr. Coach – Thank you for joining our staff as the Head Coach of our collegiate football program. I know you don’t have any successful experience as a head coach, but we’ll give you a shot at $3 million dollars per year, which will increase and even help secure an insane buyout if you win or lose!

    [scratches head, walks back to TV and watches the Bama game hoping to see them lose]

    • scahlett59 says:

      Is this the Track ’em Tigers or the Alabama fans’ tracking? Let’s get real, as stated the previous coaches mentioned all had more time. Genie is batting .500. I would hate to see the Auburn Nation go through the revolving Coaches Door like Alabama. It is too nauseating for me to consider. Back them no matter what, eh?