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A Salute to the Texas A&M Fans

By on October 29th, 2012 in Football 16 Comments »

If there was one bright spot Saturday night, it was the first visit to Auburn by the fans of Texas A&M. I’ve been going to Tiger games for more than 40 years and without question, the Aggie faithful are the classiest and nicest fans to ever visit our campus.

Whether you were at a tailgate party or walking around Toomer’s Corner, everyone was talking about how much they liked the people from College Station. All the fans I encountered were interested in learning about Auburn’s traditions and were eager to share their own stories.

It’s what college game day should be like every week. Let’s hope that as time goes on, others in the SEC take a lesson from the Texas A&M fans.

Despite the whipping put on us by the A&M team, my memories of our new rivals will be nothing but positive. In fact, I’m already making plans now to head to College Station, Texas for next season’s game.

And unlike Tuscaloosa or Athens, I’m actually looking forward to it.

Thanks again to all of you from Aggie Land who made the trip to Auburn. We hope to see you again in two years, only with a different outcome in the game.


  1. mikeautiger says:

    I have to repeat the same feelings. The Aggie fans were humble, respectful, down to earth, salt of the earth people and had a true appreciation for the fine welcome they received. They invited us out to Texas and I am also making plans to visit there too, and looking forward to it. Some of the nicest fans ever to visit the Plains!

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Yes Jay, you are correct. I sat next to a Texas A&M couple, and got only light ribbing, if that. I think they were as stunned as we were at what was happening. Guy did say once, “Where’s Bobby Lowder’s box? I hear Bobby Petrino is in there!” and wanted to talk about Finebaum. He sat next to the wrong guy. I was too busy coaching, screaming, and dissecting plays.

    …..I’ll give Finebaum this: he has some outstanding guests on from time to time. But when they start with the callers, I’m popping a CD in.

  3. bonfireag03 says:

    Proud to hear it. And looking forward to rolling out the welcome mat in Aggieland.

  4. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Trust me when I say… they were impressed with our hospitality. And I was impressed with thier good sportsmanship. It was about the only thing that could be done considering our football team failed to dress out.

    I know I had a good time! Well, with everything except watching the actual football game!

    Thank God for tailgating! It lightens the mood and is good for the soul!


  5. stephaggie94 says:

    Glad to hear the 12th Man (Aggie students, former and current) upholds friendliness away as well as at home. I have no doubt you’ll receive a warm welcome when visiting Aggieland!

  6. This story needed to be told – they were classy folks.

  7. AggieGal99 says:

    I can now really appreciate why A&M and Auburn is often compared. Everyone we encountered at Auburn was a gracious host/hostess, and we look forward to having you all in Aggieland! Beautiful campus and great atmosphere! Thanks for making us feel welcomed.

  8. johnnyred86 says:

    I was not able to make the trip this time, but I hope to visit all the SEC venues in the first 12yr? cycle. I was able to attend the LSU, Gator, and Razorback games this year and have found all the fans in our new conference to be wonderful people. I think that we have so much in common culturally that it just works out to be a great fit. We had SO much dissension with the Longhorn fans for so many years, that we are trying our best to get off on the right foot in this great conference that we now belong to. Kindness has been repaid with kindness, at least in my experiences this year. We are all so blessed to be a part of the premiere conference in the NCAA,…..I hope we can continue to be an example of competitive sportsmanship for the fans of other conferences to emulate….

  9. JimB4 says:

    This was my first visit to Auburn, and my wife and 2 other adult family members made the trip from our homes in N. Carolina and Florida. We spent most of the day in town and on campus, and I’d like to add my thanks to the Auburn fans and students for their gracious hospitality. Our A&M attire made it clear we were the “visitors” but we were treated like family, with lots of “Welcome to the SEC!” and “Welcome to Auburn” greetings offered by people we encountered all day long.

    It was encouraging to see that good sportsmanship is alive and well at Auburn. I trust that any of you who have a chance to visit College Station will find the same at Aggieland. Thank you!

  10. oldarmy63 says:

    The welcome that we Ags have received in the SEC has been great! Of course, there is the usual ribbing and competitive spirit. But, I think that almost all Ags can agree… We have said for decades that from the outside looking in you can’t understand it and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it. Ags, I think the SEC fans ‘get it’. We look forward to 100 years of being associated with a truly great group of schools.

  11. This was our first SEC road trip we had 8 of us go and we enjoyed the fans and the town. Everyone was very welcoming and it was a great experience. I can’t count how many times we were greeted with a “welcome to Auburn”. We were trying to navigate our way through town to meet up with some others and were greeted by a couple of Auburn alum that told us to follow them and they took us through the campus and showed us around a little. We exchanged numbers and hope to have them come and visit College Station next year! Thanks again for the hospitality. We are extremely excited to be a part of such a great conference and look forward to many great years to come with some new rivalries. Be sure to come our way and experience Aggieland and Kyle Field if you get a chance, we would love to have you and you will be welcomed in the same fashion that you guys welcomed us! War Eagle and Gig Em!

  12. OldAggie says:

    My sincere thanks to all the friendly folks that we encountered on and around the Auburn campus last Saturday. Many, many times “Welcome to Auburn” and “Welcome to the SEC” were heard but NEVER did I hear anything negative. We like to think that Aggieland is a friendly place and I hope that we can at least match what we experienced at Auburn. We look forward to a long and friendly competition!

  13. NOLAErwin says:

    Check out this video taken from the Texas A&M perspective. Auburn fans are super nice.

    Dave Erwin
    Texas A&M ’85
    New Orleans

  14. rwright says:

    Many thanks for the kudos on the Ags who visited. We hope you enjoy your future visit to Aggieland. Please bring your War Eagle with you–it would be awesome to see him circling Kyle Field!!!

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