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Selena Roberts: A Sad, Dark Place

By on April 8th, 2013 in Football, News 13 Comments »

Selena Roberts - Cover of Auburn MagazineWhat kind of dark place must you be in to turn on your alma mater? That was my first thought when I read the Selena Roberts article alleging allegations of grade changing and payments to players by former Auburn coaches.

I’m amazed at who and what people will turn against in order to gain attention and further their careers. For Roberts, the Auburn story was nothing more than a Hail Mary to save her crashing career. Maybe things have gotten so dire that throwing your alma mater under the bus makes sense in some sad, twisted way.

If the flame throwing, unproven accusations weren’t so bad, you’d almost feel sorry for the 1988 Auburn graduate.

With her work now labeled as “gotcha, hide-the-ball journalism at its worst,” by her own university, Roberts joins Eric Ramsey and Stanley McClover among others in the ever growing fraternity of Auburn people who’ve been exiled forever from campus.

Roberts’s professional life has been in free fall in recent years. Once a rising star with The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, she now finds herself writing for some lowly web site she started called In the world of sports writing, that’s a collapse of monumental proportion.

While the questionable lines in last week’s story will likely end any chance of rehabilitating her career, Roberts has earned a reputation of playing fast and loose with the facts.

Most notably, she was questioned by many in the national media over her quickness to convict the Duke Lacrosse Team in 2006 for a rape that was proven later to never have happened.

Noted sports columnist Jason Whitlock took Roberts to task at the time about her inaccurate reporting, writing in the Kansas City Star…

Not long ago, sports r Selena Roberts compared the Duke lacrosse players to gang members and career criminals.

She claimed that the players’ unwillingness to confess to or snitch about a rape (that did not happen) was the equivalent of drug dealers and gang members promoting anti-snitching campaigns.

When since-disgraced district attorney Mike Nifong whipped up a media posse to rain justice on the drunken, male college students, Roberts jumped on the fastest, most influential horse, using her New York Times column to convict the players and the culture of privilege that created them.

Proven inaccurate, Roberts never wrote a retraction for the columns that contributed to the public lynching of Reade Seligmann, Colin Finnerty and David Evans (former Duke Lacrosse Players).

That snippet gives some insight into how Roberts operates. In the end, this story is going nowhere fast. The lack of evidence and now denial by those questioned means this becomes nothing more than a sucker punch by a disgruntled alumni.

My hope is that none of us find ourselves in such a sad and dark place that we feel the only way to thrive is to turn against the people and places who’ve given us the most joy.

Selena Roberts is a sad soul.


  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Clearly honesty, honor, and integrity are not strong points for Ms. Roberts.

  2. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Amen. and Amen.

    If Auburn is ever guilty, I want someone to tell and us to pay. All the nonsense has got to stop.

  3. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    I am sure that her bank account is bigger today from money paid by a booster from another school. It is no coincidence that allegations continue to come up about Auburn’s 2010 Championship season. Let’s just guess what school may be involved.

  4. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    The day I try to tear some else down to build myself up just go ahead and put the straight jacket on me because I will have lost my grasp of reality and any vestige of integrity along with it.

  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    When I have the same opportunity to start a forum to voice my opinion as the members of the “mainstream media”, you know that they are going to be scrambling for ways to find someone to pay them. Roberts is just another is a long line of journalism grads who find that you can’t get by anymore on reporting the facts, you have to have a sensationalized agenda that creates controversy and rancor on both sides of the issue, whether is reporting on Casey Anthony ad nausum in the day to day news, Obama and the republicans in national political issues, “climate change” in weather reporting or Auburn in sports coverage, the aim is to jump on the most divisive or contoversial issue of the day and ride it until its legs go out.

    On Auburn Undercover, a poster had a screenshot of Mark Schlaebach’s twitter account (again, not sure if this is “real” or not) where Schlaebach admits that “there is a lot of money to be made on writing negative stories about Auburn (true or not). Our audience wants to read dirt on Auburn and we give them what they want. This isn’t NPR. ESPN is a business and we have to do what is best for our bottom line.” These tweets have been deleted and Schlaebach says it wasn’t him (guess he got hacked), but the response is reasoned enough to be believable…..and oddly enough, it IS the truth.

    ESPN is almost guaranteed an increase in viewership if a “we FINALLY got the goods on AUBURN” story is promoted. Hopefully that comes as no surprise to anyone after we got left on the barbecue spit for over a month in 2010.

    The common refrain from the Auburn haters is “IF THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE!! SO THERE MUST BE A RAGING INFERNO AT AUBURN!!”. And to that I say EXACTLY!! ESPN has been blowing so much smoke that there SHOULD be a raging inferno at Auburn. The fact that the firefighters who put out the blazes at noted dunderhead universities, USCal, UNC and THE Ohio State University, can’t find anything larger than some lit cigarette butts for the last 7 years should tell people something…but they don’t want to listen. They just assume we are “just that good at cheating!!” Morons.

    I for one, will no longer watch ESPN unless Auburn is playing on it….and that’s really all I can do, other than try to promote the truth myself.

  6. theoldguard says:

    Wished we hadn’t posted that picture here. Anyone else think its a little inconsistent to question her credibility now for the Duke lacrosse case, but we put her on the front of a publication entitled AUBURN, touting her journalistic prowess 3 years after the Duke fiasco?

  7. Im4Auburn says:

    Good post Jay. You have to wonder why someone would do what Roberts did. Makes no sense to attack your alma mater even if there was any shred of truth to it (which there isn’t). And why would anyone want to go through life with the kind of reputation she is building. Makes no sense.

  8. mccullars says:

    The only good thing I can say about her is that she has a face for radio.

    • DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

      Have no good thoughts but I’d say “Sad and dark” describes the ingrate pretty well.

  9. sparkey sparkey says:

    This person is scum. Roberts is a piece of crap and somebody like Cowherd is just as crappy touting her like her stuff is true. Screw them, screw them all. I hope ESPN one day falls apart. If it does, I’ll be there to spit on the ruins of a station that has become garbage.

  10. […] Auburn has is the truth, based on the facts. While ESPN has something much more powerful … the writings of a disgraced ex reporter. Well, that and the megaphone of the world’s biggest Sports Cable TV network. Let’s be […]