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A Must Win Game

By on October 11th, 2018 in Football 10 Comments »

Can Auburn Roll Over Tennessee?
(Photo by Randy Sartin, USA TODAY Sports)

     War Eagle, everybody! Saturday morning bright and early, the Auburn Tigers will host the Tennessee Volunteers. Both teams come into this game as damaged goods, and Auburn is a double-digit favorite. Auburn has not been impressive offensively this season but goes against a Tennessee defense that has given up a bunch of points against Power Five opponents. Before the season started, many folks pointed to this game as Auburn’s easiest in the SEC. Now, it becomes a game that the Tigers must win or face losing out on a bowl game and staying home for the holidays.

     It has come to this. Auburn needs 6 wins to become bowl eligible and currently has 4. The Liberty Flames are the only nonconference game left, which should get the Tigers to 5 wins. If Auburn can’t beat Tennessee, is it reasonable to expect them to beat Ole Miss or Texas A&M, much less Georgia and Alabama? Auburn has to face the Rebels, the Bulldogs and the Tide on the road. Only Texas A&M is at home, and Auburn has never beaten Texas A&M in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

     Tennessee needs this game, too. Standing currently at 2–3 overall, the Vols need 4 wins in their last 7 to become bowl eligible. Only Charlotte remain, on the nonconference slate. Somehow, the Vols will have to get 3 wins out of a slate that includes at Auburn, Alabama, at South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and at Vanderbilt.

     Auburn has paper advantages in this game. The teams are remarkably similar if one simply looks at team stats. What really separates them is scoring defense against Power Five opponents. Auburn is giving up 16 points per game against Washington, LSU, Arkansas and MSU. Tennessee is giving up 41.7 points per game against West Virginia, Florida and Georgia. Arguably, Tennessee has played a tougher slate. Nonetheless, this might be a chance for the moribund Auburn offense to get in gear. Unfortunately, the play calling must change. Too often Auburn plays drives out like this: First down, run it up the middle for a yard or less. Second and long, try to get it back on a screen (sometimes successful) or a bomb (almost never successful.) Third and long, scramble well short, get sacked or throw it away.

     Tennessee has not run the ball well against Power Five competition, and Auburn’s strength on defense is stopping the run. At least it was until last week against Mississippi State. Tennessee is averaging just 4.2 yards per carry, and that factors in a couple of mismatch games against East Tennessee State and UTEP. What should worry the Tiger defense is that Tennessee is averaging 8.6 yards per pass, a decent number. And, a lot of teams have thrown balls up for grabs against Auburn and either converted 3rd and long or gotten a pass interference flag and automatic first down out of it. Heck, that was LSU’s whole offensive philosophy down the stretch in that matchup!

     A week ago, I’d have figured Auburn to have a huge advantage on special teams, but that’s only if Auburn doesn’t drop punt return opportunities on the ground and turn the ball over. Tennessee is good punting, and Auburn has been great thus far. Auburn kicks touchbacks more often than Tennessee. Both teams have blocked punts, but that’s less likely against SEC competition. Auburn has a kick return for a touchdown, too. But Auburn must not drop those punts!

     I would look for some new wrinkles out of Tennessee as it has had a bye week, to prepare. Auburn needs some new wrinkles such as throwing on first down. See the play-calling narrative above.

     Weather should not be a factor in this game as hurricane Michael will be long gone by kickoff time. It should be mostly sunny in Auburn, around 70 degrees at kickoff, and rising into the mid 70’s by the end of the game. The game will kick off at 11:00 AM Central Time and will be televised on The SEC Network. We’ll have our usual open thread up for this game and a play-by-play at game time. It’s going to be a strain on this night-shift guy!

A look at other SEC games this weekend after the jump!

     In addition to the Auburn/Tennessee tilt at 11:00 AM, Florida visits Vanderbilt. This game is often closer than expected, but I don’t expect this one to be that way. Like him or not, Florida head coach Dan Mullen has Florida playing offense in a way not seen since Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer were patrolling the Florida sidelines. Vanderbilt has not scored more than 17 points against anyone with a pulse this season.

     The SEC Game of the Week on CBS is Georgia at LSU. I thought that this might be a great game a couple of weeks ago. However, LSU fans don’t get as stoked for an afternoon vs. evening game. And last week, when the LSU offense was asked to pick it up and drive the distance for a winner, it threw a pick six against a pressure defense. LSU’s defense may keep this game close, but I don’t see much offensive success for the Bengal Tigers in this one.

     Also at 2:30, Texas A&M visits South Carolina. The Aggies held up at home surprisingly well against the undefeated Kentucky Kats. Can they do it on the road against a hot and cold South Carolina team?

     In the evening 6:00 PM slate, Missouri visits Alabama. I’m expecting that Alabama will continue to score 50 or more points. Missouri might have some opportunities, offensively, but it won’t be able to keep up with the Tide.

     Ole Miss visits Arkansas in the late game at 6:30 PM. After looking really terrible in early September, Arkansas has shown fight, although not successfully enough to win games. Might a home game against defense-optional Ole Miss be the difference? Arkansas will have to get a lot better at protecting the football on offense.


  1. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Yeah, winning this game is a toss up.

  2. audad says:

    Acid, good stuff as always. Wouldn’t it be nice if we cover the 16.5 point spread? But I have my doubts. You mention this may be an opportunity for our “moribund offense to get into gear.” We thought the same thing two weeks ago against Southern Miss and yet led 21-13 with 5 minutes left and them in possession of the ball. Granted, those field conditions were less than desirable, but as you mention, the play calling is sometimes as bad as the execution. 11 a.m. kickoffs have not been good over the years either for our guys. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the Saturday that offense, defense, and special teams all click and they come away with a lopsided win. We can hope, can’t we?

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      ……Maybe I was a different kid, in the late 1970s. I would have loved an 11:00 AM kickoff. I woke up in the morning, anyway. I had a 7:00 AM Freshman English class 3 days a week, one quarter! We typically had a band practice before the game, on Saturday morning. Kick that game off, get it done, and they you have your Saturday afternoon and evening FREEEEEE!

      …..I still like early kickoffs, for that reason. Although, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge for the Ole Miss game next week. I will have awakened Friday afternoon, then worked all night Friday night, 14 hours. I might be able to catch a nap Saturday morning before the kickoff, but most likely not. I might need to invest in one of those little expensive 5-hour bottles of juice…

  3. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    CAN WE SCORE 16.5 POINTS????????????

  4. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Side Note: Kelly Bryant is now taking an official visit to Arkansas!? If Auburn doesn’t court this kid it’ll be yet another knock on our Leadership. Kelly Bryant to Auburn!!

  5. My gut tells me that Auburn will either win big (meaning the offense will suddenly click) or lose an ugly low scoring game by turning the ball over in crucial situations. I’ve finally accepted that Gus does not know how to develop or motivate players – and he never seemed willing to adjust the offense to utilize Stidham’s strength’s.

  6. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    If the Auburn offense runs HUNH all game, we win big.
    If we do not, we will get in an ugly scrum the outcome of which cannot be pre-determined.

  7. meathead530 says:

    Last week I ignorantly thought the offense would click. I have little confidence this week. It’ll be an ugly game. If we win, it’s because of the defense.

    Kerryon was the spark the team needed last year. I suspect he was a crucial leader.

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