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A Look Back, and Ahead

By on January 17th, 2020 in Basketball, Football 12 Comments »

There is some apprehension about the year ahead
(Photo by Acid Reign)

     War Eagle, everybody! As the bleak midwinter settles in with frost and northern winds, it is time to assess recent events in football and beyond. A year of excitement and disappointment in football has passed. Despite a loss last Wednesday at Tuscaloosa, Auburn has a Top Ten basketball program. And how about that Auburn gymnastics team? Prior to last week, Auburn had not won a match against Alabama since Jimmy Carter was president of the USA.

     I watched most of the basketball game against Alabama last Wednesday night. Auburn did a good job guarding a hot-shooting team, but Alabama just got too many points off turnovers. Auburn had been doing a very good job this year of not giving the ball away up, but turnovers really were the difference in this one. That, and Alabama was able to render both Auburn guards a nonfactor with the ball, which has not happened all year, but you can bet Florida was taking notes. Auburn will have a tough matchup in Gainesville this Saturday, trying to get back on the winning track.

     I have avoided posting about the Outback Bowl mainly because I just did not have anything positive to say about that game. I have not seen Auburn pushed around like that on both lines of scrimmage in years. Just looking at the numbers, it is hard to believe Auburn lost that game by just 7 points.

     To find a worse defensive performance by Auburn, one would have to go back to the 2015 game at LSU. That was the game where Auburn defenders were trying to avoid Leonard Fournette and running away. On offense, it was clear that the coaching staff was worried about Minnesota’s defensive front seven. Auburn ran a very screen-heavy set of plays in the first half to get away from the blitzing up front. That was not bad strategy except that Auburn could not block cornerbacks and safeties at all. Auburn would screen the ball out wide, and the cornerback would run through the blocker and blow up the play. I don’t think I saw a successful wide-receiver block all day long. Auburn’s star running back JaTarvious Whitlow was hardly on the field in the first half.

     As far as Auburn’s future in football, the main thing I can think of is those lines of scrimmage. Auburn loses 3 out of 4 starters on the defensive line and 4 out of 5 starters on the offensive line. I’ve heard it opined that we have better players on the bench on the offensive line. If that is true, why weren’t they playing this season?

     I’m cautiously optimistic that Auburn will be OK up front on defense. Line coach Rodney Garner seems to produce capable lines every year no matter who leaves. Auburn has recruited well on the defensive line, and development will be key. What worries me is replacing 4 starters out of 5 in the secondary. Next season, we will have offenses like Alabama, LSU, Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach slinging the ball at the Auburn secondary, and that is just in the Western Division. Offensive coordinators will quickly take advantage of coverage issues and take advantage of the weakest coverage guy, just like in the past season.

     Offensively, there is less reason for optimism. Auburn has a pretty good quarterback returning but will have to adjust to a new offensive coordinator and line coach. We’ve heard optimism from the Auburn camp when new coordinators and line coaches are brought in. The new guys can bring in some new wrinkles, but in the end Auburn still likes to line up 3 and 4 wide receivers and waste a down running up the middle against an 8-man box. We’ve again been told that things will be different this time, but I have my doubts after the last 5 seasons.

     This offseason will be critical in developing a cohesive front. I’m hoping Auburn’s receivers are healthier going into the offseason and can work on timing and routes. Chemistry on the offensive staff will be critical, as well. If there is friction in the staff meetings, the results on the field could be disastrous.

     I do have  glass half-full views, as well. With coach Gus Malzahn as a coordinator or head coach, Auburn has beaten Alabama and Nick Saban 4 times in the past 10 seasons. Nationally, only 4 teams outside the SEC have beaten Alabama. Those are Oklahoma (2013), Ohio State (2014) and Clemson twice (2016 and 2018). The SEC East has just 1 (ONE!) victory against the Tide in the past 10 years. That was Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks in 2010.

     The SEC West hasn’t done much better. LSU has 3 wins (2010, 2011 and 2019.) Ole Miss has 2 (2014 and 2015). Texas A&M has 1 win in 2012. Arkansas and Mississippi State have not beaten Alabama at all since 2007. Measured by that standard, Gus Malzahn has done better than any coach Alabama has played against.

     Going forward, both Auburn and Alabama have some rebuilding to do. Guys leaving early for the NFL or the transfer portal continues to be a challenge for both teams. I think Alabama had more issues on this that Auburn did. Auburn had Noah Igbinoghene and Arryn Siposs decide to go out early. I would not be surprised to see a running back or two decide to leave, as well. It’s going to be hard to give enough carries to make all those guys happy. I’m not sure at all about Siposs’ decision by  to leave for the NFL draft. By and large, the NFL does not draft punters, and even if someone did, there are several punters who would be ahead of him on the board. It may be possible to pick up a job in free agency. I think Igbinoghene probably made the right decision. He has everything the NFL looks for in a cornerback, and he’ll land somewhere with a bright future.

     I apologize for the gloom and doom in this post, but at least we aren’t LSU! The Tigers lost big-time coaches on offense and defense, their Heisman quarterback has graduated, and their roster has lots of holes thanks to the NFL draft and the transfer portal. On top of that, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the $100 bill handouts, either. LSU also apparently has some issues, with the NOPD. There were arrest threats over victory cigar smoking, and $100 bill-man Odell Beckham Jr. now has an arrest warrant out on him for assault on an officer. Wow. Some messes for the Bengal Tigers to clean up, to be sure!


  1. Screwtape says:

    Auburn Gymnastics beat Bama in 2016 (Feb 12).

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..That’s what I get for quoting a newspaper!

    • Screwtape says:

      Yea.. I heard someone else say that as well and I thought, “Am I crazy??? I’m pretty sure they won not that long ago”

      After reading your article I decided to double check myself.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Now, if I could just find the “edit this post” button.

    • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

      Acid, do you really not have "Edit Post" at top of page once you click article to the second or "Comments" view page?

  4. Good article Acid. I’ve stayed away from commenting lately just did not want to post any negative thoughts. But you as usual have put up an objective piece. I know Auburn is losing a lot of talent this yr. especially on the lines but hoping new O-line coach can make that a strong point, moving forward.

  5. WDE7385 WDE7385 says:

    War Eagle, everybody! A good read as usual Acid, thank you.
    I am still pissed and have not gotten over that bowl game, yet.
    I don’t think I have ever seen poorer preparation and planning.

  6. Zach Taylor Zach Taylor says:

    Careful with that objective negativity there, Acid. You can’t do that around here for too long or you get labeled.

    • uglyjoe says:

      Zach, I was tough on you a few years ago and if I ever said anything out of line I apologize for it. As of late, I have been in your corner and have agreed with most everything you’ve written. Please keep up the good work.

      • KCAtiger57 says:

        Totally agree 100%. I don’t see it as being negative, Zach stated facts that can be backed up, sometimes people have difficulty in accepting that. “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth!!!”. Well said uglyjoe. Keep up the good work Zach! And also to all the TET staff contributors

    • WDE7385 WDE7385 says:

      Yeah, that was hardly “objective”. Straight from the heart and my personal opinion.

  7. zotus zotus says:

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