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A-Day is Here!

By on April 19th, 2014 in Football 24 Comments »

A-Day open thread.
(Photo by Acid Reign.)

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s Auburn football game day once again! It’s A-Day on the Plains, and this one will be nationally televised on ESPN. The game starts at 2:00 PM Central Daylight Time. It’s a great opportunity for us Tiger fans to see what this year’s team looks like, and what they’ve learned during spring drills.

     For those attending the game, rain gear may now be in order. A low pressure center in the Gulf of Mexico is funneling moisture into eastern Alabama, and showers are possible. It will likely remain cloudy most of the day, and the temperature will hover in the mid-60s.

     It should be a fun event, especially with a halftime celebration of the 2013 SEC Championship team. This morning, I also enjoyed reading about two two new inductees to the Tiger Trail, Carnell Williams, and Ronnie Brown; both of whom were introduced by their former coach Tommy Tuberville. I remember those days fondly!

     As always, feel free to participate in this thread. I’ll be in Auburn, watching it live. War Eagle, and enjoy the game!


  1. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    War Eagle Tiger fans! Our trip to the Plains has been cancelled due to work obligations but we will be there in spirit and, of course, using thr Watch ESPN app to follow along.
    Here’s hoping those in attendance have an AUsome time!

    War Damn Eagle

  2. spanky says:

    Looks like the basketball game is going to cut into the game. Does anyone know if it’ll be shown on another channel until the basketball game I’d over?

  3. tigertracker says:

    I tried watch espn app. It’s on hold there too so wouldn’t surprise me if they delayed kickoff. Maybe someone at Jordan hare can update us on whether it’s kicked off or not.

  4. tigertracker says:

    Never mind. It’s starting on watchespn app now. Pregame chatter

  5. tigertracker says:

    Lower bowl is full. Upper deck is sparse. I’d say 50k are there maybe.

  6. tigertracker says:

    Marshall looking good with touch on his passes. No drops so far and 2 incompletes were caught but receivers had a foot just outta bounds. Read option can still gain three yards per carry in their sleep. TD artis payne. Blue team up. 7-0

  7. tigertracker says:

    Barber fumbles on his first carry and looks like they are checking his right ankle. That’s not good!

  8. tigertracker says:

    Grant with about 40 yards on the Statue of Liberty play

  9. tigertracker says:

    Williams misses the fade route. Coates catches one out of bounds and Carlson connects on the FG. Blue up 10-0.

  10. tigertracker says:

    Therezie derps the first punt return of the day. He does have a large cast on and it’s windy.

  11. tigertracker says:

    Busted coverage. Marshall hits bray for about 50 and a TD. Marshall was shaky throwing to wide open guys last year, but this was on the money!

  12. tigertracker says:

    Johnson converts on 3rd and 11 to Melvin Ray for 15. His best pass of the day by far.

  13. tigertracker says:

    First team D collapses the pocket this time. Brings up 3rd and 10. Gabe wright playing DE and bringing the heat. Johnson getting frustrated as this one sails out of bounds. Carlson connects on a 50 yd FG in a windy JH stadium!

  14. tigertracker says:

    Marshall with a great touch pass over the LB to duke Williams for his first catch.

  15. tigertracker says:

    Marshall with another great touch over the LB and under the safety complete to CJ for 20

  16. tigertracker says:

    And this time “Duke” Williams (as the announcers are calling him) catches the fade, TD blue. If y’all thought last year was fun just wait. This passing game is going to be something!

  17. tigertracker says:

    Stanton truitt with a tough carry. He is quick like grant and packed a punch to the DB to finish the run.

  18. tigertracker says:

    Wow. CAP with a brilliant shake and bake run for 30. Marshall just misses Coates for a 30yd TD strike but comes right back to him and Coates high points it for a phenomenal one handed TD! Is it fall yet??!!!

  19. WarEagleEngr says:

    This is impressive. So far, encouraged by everything I see.

    And the Bama game was scoreless at halftime. With 2 missed FG’s.

  20. tigertracker says:

    Johnson has looked frustrated and not sharp at all. That’s most concerning to me in the event Marshall were to get hurt. Part of that of course is dealing with our first team pass rush which will probably frustrate a lot of teams next fall. Johnson should get some substantial work with the first team offense in the second half so I’ll be interested to see if he improves there.

  21. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I don’t know if TV did it justice, but that TD pass from Marshall to D’haquille Williams was a phenomenal catch. Williams had his back to the ball, spun in midair at the last second, secured that thing cleanly, and got both feet down. Jerry Rice would have been proud of that catch!

    …..On the other hand, what can you learn from the starters/playing rotation offensive guys nuking the (you know what) out of the scout team defense? That said, the second team offense did a lot less than I’d have thought going in, even when the starting defense was banged up and substituting liberally. It was easily the worst I’ve seen Jeremy Johnson play. I think the wind and wet balls hampered all QBs.

  22. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Thanks everyone, especially to Tigertracker for the updates as most of the TET staff was at the game today. I took in the Baseball game vs. South Carolina and just got home. it was a nice cool day to be on the Plains. Weather felt like early autumn.

    Be sure to check back here Sunday afternoon for Acid Reign’s breakdown of A-Day.

  23. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Anytime you get to see Pat Dye and Jay Jacobs in person… a good day indeed.

    Great food. And the football wasn’t too shabby either!!!!