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A-Day is Here!

By on April 8th, 2017 in Football 3 Comments »

A-Day open thread
(Photo by Acid Reign)

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s Auburn football game day once again! It’s A-Day on the Plains. This game will be televised on the SEC Network channels. The game starts at 1:00 PM Central Daylight Time. It’s a great opportunity for us Tiger fans to see what this year’s team looks like and what they’ve learned during spring drills.

     For those attending the game, one could not ask for a better day. After a brisk morning, temps will warm up to around 70 degrees, under mostly clear skies. It will be a day for hats and sunblock here in early April.

     As always, feel free to participate in this thread. I’ll be in Auburn, watching it live. War Eagle and enjoy the game!

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 8, 20178:10 pm

…..Sneak preview of my review tomorrow, Stidham is the real deal. Gone are the run-the-route-and-stop drills. Had some NICE seven-on-seven drills before the game, and Sean White looked good throwing in those. At least on the short to medium routes. He’s still not a deep ball thrower.

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 8, 20178:08 pm

……T’was a fun day, and I have almost a thousand new pictures in my archive! Franklin does need jug-gun work. I’m figuring that they know what Pettway can do, and he’s being saved. He is, after all, a high impact runner.

Jonathon Jonathon April 8, 20173:29 pm

‘Stidham’ correction.

Jonathon Jonathon April 8, 20173:27 pm

I’ve been watching off and on.. Has Pettway made an appearance? Is he sidelined? Karryon had an ankle injury and walked it back to the locker room. Stedham threw some nice passes and a couple beauties. JF3, to me, still needs to get a clue.. looked to have some issues catching like a true receiver. Anyone else have any input?

Zach Taylor Zach Taylor April 8, 20172:11 pm

I guess we can’t let Willis show up everyone lol

Zach Taylor Zach Taylor April 8, 201712:39 pm

I’ll be watching on the ipad

Zach Taylor Zach Taylor April 8, 201712:38 pm

Hate that I am missing. Sitting here at a softball tournament.

brooksforehand brooksforehand April 8, 201711:55 am

On our way! It’s going to be a great day… Auburn football, sunshine, being around good Auburn folk. Happy Happy Day! War Damn Eagle!!!

GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan April 8, 20179:58 am

Thanks for posting Acid.

Normally I would follow this but this year I get to attend the game. Looking forward to watching the new guys and especially looking forward to seeing how much different (if any) the Chip Lindsey offense will look like.


  1. tigrrr tigrrr says:

    Why does the field say Tigers Unlimited? Jacobs has sold out the every day fan that has been there tick and thin.

  2. sparkey sparkey says:

    Stidham is the real thing. Yes, it’s just a spring game. However, you can’t teach arm strength like that. You can’t give a player that kind of football IQ. You can’t give a player those kinds of instincts to know when a defense simply busts through the line and take off immediately by coaching them nonstop until they get it right. They either have it or they don’t to some extent. The accuracy that Stidham has in both the deep bombs and the short passes are incredible.

    On top of that, we actually had sightings of intermediate passes being thrown consistently and successfully. Stidham showed his abilities throughout the game. Look, he will have his rough games and struggles just like anybody else. Still, anybody who knows football well could tell that Auburn has gotten something special in this kid. He’s already better than he was at Baylor. He’s only going to continue to improve as well. I just hate that he will most likely be a one and done here. He certainly has the talent to do something like that.

    Still, I don’t trust Gus when everything is on the line and the pressure is mounting on top of you like a submarine plummeting into the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench with no hope of going back towards the surface. No, I fail to see him coming through with beautiful new stripes he earned from conquering such adversity. Actually, I see him going right back to his old ways at some point during this season and his job will return back to Auburn and away from Gus Malzahn.

  3. Orangeblood says:

    Beautiful day in Jordan Hare.

    Stidham looked Good. He can deliver the ball. BUT!!!

    He was going against 2nd team Defense. He missed the fade route to Jason Smith who was as open as Walmart.

    Malik Willis was really good against 1st team defense. We got some rising stock there.

    Craig- Meyers may be the break out player of next year. Hastings and Slayton looks ready too.