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A compelling argument…

By on December 18th, 2012 in Member Post 4 Comments »

Admittedly, when this was first posted a little over a week or so ago all the facts were not presented. If I recall correctly, someone had listened to Paul Finebaum and repeated the rumor du jour:

Nick Saban was considering leaving the vaunted crimson tide for the NFL after the title game.

Of course, we all laughed. Nick Saban has repeatedly stated he would not leave bama. With a straight face he indicated that he had moved his last… but according to Finebaum’s insider folks somehow it was derived that the gig was up at the capstone.  Only no corroborating information supported the ridiculous claim… or so we were led to believe.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:


But wait a second, before we start exploring the arguments made by these various sports rs let’s review the bidding of the reasons why Saban won’t leave:

1)      Nick Saban has already left the SEC once.  He departed LSU in 2004. He had already won a National Championship there… surely he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice?

2)     Nick Saban has already coached in the NFL in 2005.  He failed. Miserably.

3)     He is on the verge of winning his THIRD national championship at bama.  Are you telling me that his likelihood of tying ‘the Bare’ doesn’t play with the man’s ego?

These are all pretty compelling right?


Well, today for giggles, I perused ESPN and other sites. I had every intention of reading Mal Moore’s argument that Nick Saban would be staying at the Capstone.  It was published not only on ESPN but also the Sporting News.  But then I saw Collin Cowherd’s (Cowturd) video segment on the subject… and he presented what I thought was an interesting argument that seemed to hold water.

He made the claim:

1)      Ms. Coach Saban isn’t that happy at bama. Oh really? This is new information.

2)     Apparently this past week Nick Saban gave a feeble attempt at an apology in leaving the NFL… aimed mainly at the city of Miami but it had overtones that would beg the question of whether or not he was considering coming back.

3)     And the fact that with the right GM – Saban would consider a move to the NFL, well, that and a quarterback.

Cowturd goes on to say that add to this the attention that Chip Kelly is getting this year for consideration for an NFL job… and the fact that Jim Harbaugh has already made it big in the NFL after coming from college… is all fuel to the fire that is lighting under Saban. This sort of makes sense to me. 

He even says that Nick is a coach that has the personality that is a NFL personality. He is a work-a-holic attitude.  This is also true.

With any and all of this evidence it could in fact support a move to the NFL for ANY coach. Even Gene Chizik! Ok, that was a bad joke… but I am being serious about any successful coach.

The real question now is considering this new information – what do you think??

Does Saban stay? Give a reason:  Is it because of his earlier contentions that he and his wife have made their last move?


Does Saban go? Give your reason:  Use some of the reasons that Cowturd gave… or do you have more? Like the faint rumor that there is a hint by the NCAA of an investigation at bama?

Regardless, I am a firm believer… where there is smoke, there is fire.  Regardless of what Mal Moore claims.  In a way this is some sort of cosmic pay back for bama fans and their terrible lack of sportsmanship during the Cam Newton issue when AU was making its National Championship run…




  1. The Smarch The Smarch says:

    Meh. I’m not convinced.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Yes. I would imagine you are not… I had it in draft and it was published before it was ready. But its good now…


  2. DBAU81 says:

    Who cares if there’s really anything to this rumor or not? It’s just fun watching the Bammers try to deal with it. While most of what has been said on the topic sounds like speculation and/or an attempt by the media to stir up something during a slow news cycle in the college football world, it would not shock me to see Saban leave if he wins another NC this year. He seems like the restless type, always looking for a new challenge, and he has no worlds left to conquer at the college level. By the same token, it would not shock me to see him end his career at Alabama, either.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Yeah, I totally agree about letting bama squirm. But the thing that rings true for me is the logic offered by Cowturd. I dislike the man greatly. But its hard to argue his logic. I don’t think he has a bent for bama or anyone else. I get the impression he is calling it like he is seeing it. But you could be right… this could be a way to stir the pot during a slow news cycle.

      The real kickers are the two statements about the apology and then his wife.

      In the end – I feel very similarly about the outcomes. But wouldn’t it be funny if…. suddenly, bama is human again.