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A Brisk A-Day!

By on April 7th, 2018 in Football Comments Off on A Brisk A-Day!

A-Day open thread.
(Photo by Acid Reign.)

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s Auburn football game day once again! It’s A-Day on the Plains. This game will be televised on the SEC Network channels. The game starts at 3:00 PM Central Daylight Time. It’s a great opportunity for us Tiger fans to see what this year’s team looks like and what they’ve learned during spring drills.

     For those attending the game, bundle up. A rain poncho isn’t out of the question, either. After a stormy morning, temps will fall to around 50 degrees under an angry gray sky and a gusty wind. It will be a day for hats and gloves in unseasonably cool early April.

     As always, feel free to participate in this thread. I’ll be in Auburn, watching it live. War Eagle, and enjoy the game!

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 7, 201811:15 pm

…..And… at the risk of being rude, we’d better keep Stidham healthy this season, or we’re looking at the B’ham Bowl, at best!

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 7, 201810:03 pm

…..There were three guys that stood out the most, this year from just the naked eye in the stands. Nick Coe, Anders Carlson, and Prince Tega Wanagho. Tega played like an NFL left tackle. Carlson was money throughout practice and the game, before finally clanking a 53-yarder off the upright on a wet day. Coe… no one could block him.

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 7, 201810:01 pm

…..I’m back, and thawing out. I will have a review up, tomorrow. What a day for the starting defense! Be glad you did not attend. It rained more or less through all of the warmups and first quarter. Then the wind howled the rest of the way. I was glad I had my gloves!

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger April 7, 20188:00 pm

I hear you Glenn but I’ve never been able to read much into the spring scrimmage. I enjoy watching it but most of the time players that may not have done much on A-Day later turn out to be stars (i.e. Cam Newton) and some players who had great A-Days, you never hear from when the season rolls around.

AUglenn April 7, 20186:10 pm

Not feeling too good with what I saw today. But like jbellison below, I’m looking forward to reading Acid’s take on today’s scrimmage.

WarSamEagle WarSamEagle April 7, 20186:05 pm

2 more injuries from spring practice including Jeremiah Denson – maybe Gus should just call Monday off before anymore get hurt

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20185:56 pm

So the question is, can we take the football at the 25, eek out 30 yards and let Anders kick every possession?

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20185:40 pm

Well good to know Jordan Rodgers has faith this offense will be decent later. Haha

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20185:35 pm

On the other hand the defense has looked very sharp, even withut being fancy. Both 1st and 2nd string are reading and tackling very well.

Im4Auburn April 7, 20185:10 pm

And in other news … Auburn Softball leads Tennessee 2-0.

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20185:08 pm

I think it was more that it was the best executed blocking of the day. Good run by Tolbert, but any of our feature backs would have taken it to the house with that hole.

Jason Wright April 7, 20184:53 pm

Best play yet comes from a walkon RB?

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20184:50 pm

If that would have been any of the top three RBs on the depth chart instead of Tolbert he scores on that long run.

Jason Wright April 7, 20184:49 pm

I think it’s 0 for 10 on first downs

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20184:42 pm

Has there been a 1st down yet?

Jason Wright April 7, 20184:39 pm

this makes me concerned for our offense

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20184:39 pm

And here come the MSU ’08 3-2 jokes on Twitter…

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20184:26 pm

I know the D usually wins the Spring, but boy, the O looks super sloppy.

AUNation AUNation April 7, 20184:10 pm

Hopefully it’s just the wet conditions causing all these drops during 7 on 7…

jbellison56 April 7, 20183:06 pm

Hopefully Acid will do a review Sunday or Monday of what he saw in Jordan-Hare today.

jbellison56 April 7, 20183:04 pm

I wish i could be there but I am at work today.

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN April 7, 201811:35 am

65 and rainy/stormy in PCB and recovering from a broken foot – Will have to watch on TV. We couldn’t get away for our actual anniversary on 4/1 due to Easter so making the trip now. War Eagle!!

Acid Reign Acid Reign April 7, 20188:00 am

…..And we are live! It’s currently 54 and cloudy here in the Tragic City. Will be motoring down US 280 soon, to Auburn. Looks like the heavy rain has moved out of Lee County, and we’ll face only a few sprinkles today.

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