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Tradition Like Auburn – Georgia is What Sets College Football Apart

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                                                        The 1892 Auburn Football Team.Families arrived by carriage while many others came on horseback as close to 3,000 people gathered on a chilly winter’s day in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park to witness a group of young men play a new game called football. It was February 20, 1892 and the young collegians came together on Continue Story…

To see where you are going, you have to know where you have been. (Mascot edition)

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Tiger chair 2

Auburn, along with quite a few other schools has somewhat of an identity crisis. We are known as the Plainsmen, War Eagles, and Tigers.Obviously, the name Plainsmen comes from Auburn being known as the “Loveliest Village on the Plains” which it is just that. The name, meh.War Eagles is also obvious but personally I like Continue Story…

Spirit knew what was about to happen… Our Eagle was not to be outdone

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Enough has been said about this season, coaches, and what changes need to be made. I think we all know what is coming and we all want the best for Auburn. Changes will be made and they will be for the better, sooner or later. Now, I want to talk about something good, goose bump Continue Story…