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Homecoming at Auburn.

By Posted on: October 10th, 2013 in Football 6 Comments »
AU Sunset

There’s nothing like an Auburn sunset!      War Eagle, everybody! It’s homecoming week, and this year’s opponent is Western Carolina. This game likely won’t be competitive, but homecoming games rarely are, these days. Western Carolina has started the season 1-5 with the lone victory coming over Mars Hill, 30-23. Aside from the Mars Hill game, Continue Story…

To See Where You are Going, You Have to Know Where You Have Been (Starting QB Edition)

By Posted on: July 30th, 2013 in Featured Article, Football 5 Comments »

Since who will be the starting quarterback for the Tigers this fall is a hot topic, I felt like it was time to write about a season where there was no doubt who was the starter.When he was at John Carroll High School almost every major football school offered Pat Sullivan a scholarship. He had, Continue Story…

Entering Amen Corner – A New Hope Emerges

By Posted on: November 9th, 2012 in Featured Article, Football 17 Comments »
A long time ago, on the plains of Auburn, Alabama...the Tigers were number 1.

Hope is as scarce a resource on The Plains as uranium, but it may not be long before it can be found detonating inside Auburn’s athletic department. Rumors regarding the future of the football program have grown exponentially in prevalence over the previous few weeks, and it now appears it is only a matter of time Continue Story…

The Case For Jonathan Wallace

By Posted on: October 30th, 2012 in Football 20 Comments »

  The popular ESPN College Game Day segment has inspired this old man to make a case for Jonathan Wallace to be the starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers throughout the rest of the season. I am not a lawyer, and have only served on one jury, so my actual legal experience is basically squadoosh!Evidence Continue Story…

2012 Auburn Football Fright-Fest

By Posted on: October 26th, 2012 in Football 23 Comments »
The 2012 season has provided a lifetime of scary stories.

Watching Auburn football has been nothing short of a nightmare this year. Sloppy offense, questionable team chemistry, and costly missed opportunities are just a few of the many issues the program now finds itself tangled in. Auburn is likely to not have a single conference victory this season, and stands a reasonable chance at not Continue Story…

They Are Still Our Tigers

By Posted on: October 24th, 2012 in Football 22 Comments »
6674860- Still Our Tigers

Should Auburn have switched offensive styles in 2012? Should Gene Chizik have tried to get Barrett Trotter to return? Why can’t Scott Loeffler develop a quarterback or more importantly call better plays?Has a championship coaching staff forgot how to coach? Will Chizik be retained at season’s end? Will there be a top to bottom house Continue Story…

Tigers Can’t Finish in Nashville.

By Posted on: October 21st, 2012 in Football, Uncategorized 15 Comments »

Moseley will be sacked again.      War Eagle, everybody. It’s time now for the Acid Reign report, on Auburn disappointing 17-13 loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores. There were a few signs of life in this game, particularly on defense, but in the end, Auburn was unable to take this game away from a mistake-prone Commodore Continue Story…

Torches and Pitchforks

By Posted on: October 16th, 2012 in Football 34 Comments »

 The hay is in the barn? The long knives are out for Gene Chizik this week. Last week it was limited to the head of OC Scott Loeffler on a platter. It just bumped a paygrade up. I understand the frustration. I see both sides of the argument. When something hurts so bad you just Continue Story…