Big Hurt –Congratulations on making it to the Hall of Fame

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Great News! Former Auburn football and baseball letterman, Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, makes it to Cooperstown (The Major League’s Hall of Fame.) War Eagle

Disappointing But….

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All during this incredible year, the Auburn Tigers have been compared to Cinderella. Many have suggested that some sort of “football” fairy godmother was responsible for our wins over Georgia and Alabama rather than our players’ hard work, which is the real fairy tale. However, if we did want to continue the analogy, Cinderella wasn’t Continue Story…

Straight Up: The 2014 BCS-NC Broken Down

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Raise your hand if you thought Auburn would be in this position at the beginning of the year. Anyone? I thought so. I know I sure didn’t. I’m more pessimistic than most, but the biggest Auburn Homer prediction I saw in the preseason was about 9-3. I thought that was utterly ridiculous. I would have Continue Story…

# WDE (WAR DAMN EAGLE) … video Anthem for 2013 Auburn Tigers

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Anthem for the 2013 Auburn Tigers:                           Video produced  by Larry Lank Lank.

AUBURN BAND needs local SoCal attendees to BCS Practice 4 Jan 3:15 PM Glendale College Athletic Field

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Calling all in Socal Auburn folks… I am honored to announce that the Auburn University Marching Band has an OPEN practice of their BCS Halftime “run-through” at my local community college. GCC invites all AU band fans to come and view the show at the Glendale College athletic field 1500 N. VERDUGO Rd, Glendale, CA Continue Story…

Need Some Help RE: BCS Tickets

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I figured I would try here and see if y’all can help me out.  My team didn’t make the BCS and I have 3 tickets I am selling and need to get rid of.Any ideas besides Craiglist where I can post to sell them?   They are great seats in the VIP Club section which Continue Story…

No one is considering……U G a

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No one is considering that Mark Richt of Georgia might be a candidate to Texas.  That would put Kirby Smart the next day in Athens!

Recruiting News…

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While we are all focused on Auburn’s meteoric rise to the National Championship… something else is happening that you might not know.Auburn has quietly slipped into one of the top ten recruiting classes in the country.Before we start beating our chest it should be pointed out, as a disclaimer, that AU has had good classes Continue Story…