A Match Made in H…

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How perfect is the Lane Kiffen hire by Saban ? He will fit the “process” perfectly with his recruiting style and all around character. The mediots will be ecstatic until they remember the muzzles worn by Saban’s underlings. Lane won’t be providing sound bytes as he has done at other jobs but he eventually will Continue Story…

War Eagle!

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I was fortunate enough to make the trip to Pasadena to watch my beloved Tigers play. It was on my bucket list. I can mark that one off and add go to playoffs!It was wonderful to see orange and blue everywhere and to hear and say War Eagle routinely. We surely outnumbered the FSU fans Continue Story…

Peyton Barber High School Video Highlights

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For your enjoyment click on this link and watch a  Peyton Barber video. This is a hudl video that last for over 12 minutes. It is highlights of him in high school. Very impressive.

Conflicted Feelings Over the BCS Loss

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14046911-mmmain- Vasha Hunt

                                                                                                             (photo:Vasha Hunt, al.com)After having a few days to digest all of the great accomplishments and the one bitter disappointment of this past season, I think I’m finally coming to grips with one thing: I was completely full of crap. I told everyone that would listen that I would be happy no matter Continue Story…

Vandy’s next coach

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Vanderbilt should go after Lane Kiffin at this point. He is trying to get back to the SEC, how about as a head coach?

Big Hurt –Congratulations on making it to the Hall of Fame

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Great News! Former Auburn football and baseball letterman, Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, makes it to Cooperstown (The Major League’s Hall of Fame.) War Eagle

Disappointing But….

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All during this incredible year, the Auburn Tigers have been compared to Cinderella. Many have suggested that some sort of “football” fairy godmother was responsible for our wins over Georgia and Alabama rather than our players’ hard work, which is the real fairy tale. However, if we did want to continue the analogy, Cinderella wasn’t Continue Story…

Straight Up: The 2014 BCS-NC Broken Down

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Raise your hand if you thought Auburn would be in this position at the beginning of the year. Anyone? I thought so. I know I sure didn’t. I’m more pessimistic than most, but the biggest Auburn Homer prediction I saw in the preseason was about 9-3. I thought that was utterly ridiculous. I would have Continue Story…