Sure You Can Dress It Up and Make It Look Nice, But… at the end of the day a pig with lipstick is still just a dressed up pig”

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As a follow up to “I am mad as hell… but I am laughing at them just the same” I want to take issue with what Bret Bielema said today on Twitter. The Arkansas football coach was quoted after being asked for evidence to support his and Nick Saban’s claim with the definitive term of Continue Story…

The HUNH Rule (AKA Saban’s Law) & why is it not likely to pass

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A secret meeting was held in which a small group of coaches tried to “hurry up no huddle” a rule change. Somehow the contents of the meeting became public and revealed that a rule change was being proposed for vote on March 6th without allowing time for debate from anyone opposed to said proposal. Nick Continue Story…

I’m mad as hell… but laughing at them just the same!

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Good day Auburn family. I am writing you about a couple of issues that are bothering me and should be bothering you about Auburn football. The first is about a PR game that is being played at our expense that will prove fruitless. You can mark my word. And the second is about an event Continue Story…

Hurry-up no-huddle player safety

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Hey everyone, A while back I read an analysis that showed that there were actually fewer injuries and minutes lost due to injury for teams that had hurry-up, no-huddle offenses.  Not just that, but teams playing them had fewer injuries during those games.  I thought it was on TET but I can’t find it anywhere. Continue Story…

The College All-Star Bowl

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War Eagle! I think I’m finally beginning to pull out of the fog that was the BCSNG. Don’t get me wrong. It was a great season and one for the ages. Nothing should diminish that. It’s just that I personally wanted this bunch to win the championship so badly…well, because they deserved it. That’s all. Continue Story…

Great story

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Check the following link to a heart-warming story about our favorite school we love to hate: Gotta give credit where credit is due.  

Malzahn Pulls in Stellar Class — Again

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roc-thomas--0909d7b9d06d0317jpg-4f05ee2045d6cf3f - Julie Bennett

    Racean “Roc” Thomas is the second consecutive ‘Mr Alabama Football’ to sign with Auburn. (photo:Julie Bennett, a great day for Coach Malzahn and his staff. They may not have a TOP 5 Class and all the glitzy primadonnas that try to reinvent the Hat game for their two minutes on ESPNU, but the staff Continue Story…

Final Thoughts on the Year

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Photo by Vasha Hunt,

                                                                                                                            (photo:Vasha Hunt, hearty War Eagle to one and all. Your resident pessimist has definitely had a shortage of material to whine about this year. I have put off writing this column as long as I could simply to try to get the bitter taste out of my mouth following the Florida State game. Continue Story…