Tough season ahead.

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Saw today where Auburn has the toughest schedule of all colleges in the U.S., facing 7 ranked teams.  Ouch, but not to worry!!!  Does a member know where the other team is ranked?   

Brett Bielema, Class Act

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“If you see someone videotaping tell them that ain’t right,” Bielema said, according to “Especially if they’re wearing an Auburn shirt, knock the (expletive) out of them.”……classy guy  

Second Bridge back

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Maybe this won’t be offensive as my last post.  Hope you read my reply.  It even had one mistake.  Scarbinsky is nuts on today. He is from time to time. I don’t think Auburn people are paranoid like he says. Just the reverse. We certainly have had lean years we didn’t enjoy, just like Continue Story…


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Just reading Track ‘em Tigers back a couple of months to now.  I was shocked.  Members, please watch your grammar and spelling when you post.  It looks bad and could cast a bad shadow over Auburn University.  It is OK for Bama fans that likely never entered a class room there.  Right?  

War Eagle from Talladega

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It’s nice to be the newest member of Track ‘em Tigers.  Looks like our guys are right where we want them.  My forecast for 2014,  a great year, a repeat of 2013 only better, (as if  anyone could be better.)

Sammie Coates Tops Fox Sports’ “Freaks” List for 2014

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Bruce Feldman over at Fox Sports has ranked his list, “identifying the freakiest athletes in college football — basically the guy in the program who can wow his coaches and teammates.” Auburn receiver Sammy Coates topped the list, sighting his Son of Jor-El stats (4.25 40, 44″ vertical leap, 405 bench press). Can’t wait to Continue Story…

A Family Mourns

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Today the Auburn Family lost a son. According to multiple media outlets, Phillip Lutzenkirchen was killed early Sunday morning in a crash outside LaGrange, GA. The most details I’ve seen so far can be found here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lutzenkirchen family. You raised an inspiring young man who will be Continue Story…

Saying Goodbye to Tiger (War Eagle VI)

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                                                                                                                     (file )‘Tiger’ – the iconic golden eagle that stared the Auburn tradition of eagles flying free in Jordan-Hare Stadium, passed away today. Also known as War Eagle VI, she was 34 years old. Before retiring in 2007, Tiger had a successful 20 year career as part of Auburn football tradition. The Tigers were Continue Story…