Who Are the Vol’s Biggest SEC Football Rivals?

By Posted on: February 12th, 2009 in Football Comments Off

This is an interesting question, and it’s always a good thing to help a fellow blogger with research.  Besides, TET has always been a respectable site and deserves some props.  I would ask one thing – that rivals fans please abstain from voting.  We promise not to vote on your sites in return, and we’ll all learn more about each other if we don’t go mucking up the answers to honest questions.


I’m preparing a thread over at sister SB Blog Track ‘Em Tigers to determine who every team in the SEC ranks as their three biggest rivals and compare the cross-over. I’d like to know who Vol fans feel are their top three conference rivals, either current or past. Please help me out and vote in this poll and I’ll compile all the results into a thread next week.



WEA-Track ‘Em Tigers

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