Joke of the Week

By Posted on: February 23rd, 2009 in Football Comments Off

Some Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn and Alabama fans decided that black-and-white school colors were a bit too dull. So they called upon God to give them colors that would truly represent them.

First, the Tennessee fans stepped before God and asked for their school’s colors.God said “When I see Tennessee, I see a great big orange sun coming up over beautiful white clouds. “Tennessee will be orange and white”.

Next, the Georgia fans stood before God and asked for their school colors. 
God said, “I see a field of fertile black soil…from which will grow a beautiful field of red roses. Georgia will be black and red.”

The Auburn fans were next.God said “When I think of Auburn, I see a glorious sky of blue with the bright orange sun shining down on my favorite town. Your colors are orange and blue.”

God then turned to the Alabama fans and said quite hastily, “Your colors are crimson and white.”

Later, after the fans had left, St. Peter came to God and said, “Lord, as you handed out each fan’s colors, you explained their origin-all but the Alabama fans. I’m curious. Why crimson and white? What do you see when you think of Alabama?”

“I see the same thing you see,” God said, “white trash and red necks”.



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