The New BCS Playoff System or The SEC Invitational

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Now that the coach search is winding down I want to call your attention to a new playoff system that will begin next year. It is called The SEC Invitational. The new BCS playoff system has 4 teams in a 2 game series to determine the National Championship of college football.

Everyone knows the SEC has won 6 in a row, but also if the new system had been in place at the end of the 2006 season there would have been two SEC teams in the 4 team playoff in 5 of the 7 times.

Here are the last 7 BCS Standings prior to the Championship Game.


Oklahoma- Florida-Michigan-LSU


Ohio St-LSU-Virginia Tech-Oklahoma





2010 (My favorite of course)





Notre Dame-Alabama-Florida-Oregon

If you go back to the BCS standings from 1998-2005 there would have also been an SEC team in half of those years.  If the powers that be are wanting to keep the SEC from winning every Natty in the foreseeable future, they are sure going about it the wrong way. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the new system, it means more football and more SEC wins. They can call it what they want but in reality it will be the SEC Invitational. When the new system goes into place the SEC will playoff in Atlanta to see which team wins the Natty and we will invite a few other teams to come along to watch.

As other posters have mentioned, I am extremely torn on who to root for this year. I have said on many occasions that if Bammer were playing Iraq and Sadaam Hussein was their HC, I would pull for Iraq. This year the SEC opponent is ND. They are without a doubt the second most hated team by SEC faithful outside the SEC. I guess I will root for no one and after the game I will either bask in the glow of Bammer getting beaten by a hated team or the SEC coming home with another Natty.

Who am I kidding, GO IRISH!!!

Now I have got to find that green St. Patricks day shirt. Wonder if you can buy green beer in Huntsville, Al.

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    I dont see the difference in the current bcs and the new 10 regular season games(eliminating these meaningless conference championship games ) and having a search committee choose a 32 team playoff field ie..high school,fcs..ect..simple as that.