Dufner watch-Accenture Match Play Championship, Updated

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Jason in true AU fashion is staging dramtic late comebacks and is going through the field in the Accenture Match Play Championship. In the first round he was 3 down with 3 holes to play. He birdied 16 and 17 and won 18 with a par. On the first whole of overtime…sudden death, he made a solid par to win the match against Scott Stallings.

In the second match he was again 2 down late in the match. He won 15 after his opponent Manteo Manassero drove into the desert then reeled off two birdies on 16 and 17.

He then forced a 3 rd down and Manteo tried a long field goal and Jason ran it back for a TD….oh wait wrong sport. Anyway, he pulled out a big win at the end once again.

In the round of 16 he faces Ernie Els and I think he will handle the Big Easy quite easily. The winner of this event wins a cool 1.3 mil. That should be enough to keep him in Skoal for a while.

I will update this post after the round of 16.

Update: Jason is going to have to come back once again. He is 2 down to Els with 6 holse to play. For those of you not familiar with match play, you score by winning a hole not total strokes.

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