A GOOD friend bails you out of jail…

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a BEST friend is there beside you saying, “Wasn’t THAT a hell of a time!”

One groomsman at my wedding, Bill, went to Auburn with me (I wrote about him earlier this year). He’s the BEST friend according to the above metaphor. One of my other groomsmen, Jim, made the unfortunate choice to attend FSU. He’ll be the GOOD friend in this case.

However, Jim is now more like the opportunity of what could be internet shame for years to come. Yes, folks, we made a bet–one of THOSE bets. The first part (our usual football bet) will be familiar to anyone who saw the movie “Trading Places”–one dollar, that must be delivered in person, in cash, with the loser subject to all accompanying ignominy. Several dollars, and much attitudinal abuse, exchanged hands between us during that great Eighties series between AU and FSU.

But of course, this time it is much more epic than just that–so, we added an unoriginal yet still significant component. The loser will wear the winner’s colors, sing the opponent’s fight song, and be posted all over the internet where we each have a presence. Let’s just say that I sure hope that all of you get to meet my friend Jim (and not see me) in these pages before the end of the month!

Michael Val

(who says WAR EAGLE no matter what happens Monday, even if he has to say “Scalp ‘em Noles” in a video!)

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  1. rn4au rn4au says:

    I would SOOOO love to meet your friend via the internet!! My daughter has made a similar bet involving sweatshirts of the opposing team with her Georgia boyfriend who says we are going to get creamed by FSU.. I just dont hope we are going to be making a mad dash for a FSU sweatshirt next week…
    If Auburn wins… she has a very GIRLY Auburn sweatshirt he shall be displaying all week next week to school.