Happy New Year from Track ‘em Tigers!

By Posted on: December 31st, 2013 in News 6 Comments »

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  1. broken_towel broken_towel says:

    hrm…Duke looking legit…

  2. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    Until they remembered they were Duke. Little wonder why Cutcliffe went for the onside when he did. He knew his boys were playing over their heads and what was coming in the second half.

    Doesn’t take away what he’s accomplished this year, but the ACC is sure having a hard time this bowl season.

  3. AUglenn says:

    Happy New Year to all, especially the Track’emTigers staff. I read this site everyday. Thanks for all you guys do for us! War Eagle and beat the Seminoles!

  4. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Happy New WAR EAGLE Year!!

    We Comin’

  5. NCTiger NCTiger says:

    War Eagle and Happy New Year Tigers! Long time reader – first time poster… Thanks for all you guys do – I really love this site and check in every day! My old man graduated in Dec ’57 and my wife and I graduated in ’89. These last three roller coaster years have been a blast at our house through all the ups and downs – the old man would have loved it!

    Let’s go get another one on Monday!

    Go Big Blue!!!