Former Auburn headcoach… now Texas Tech headcoach Tommy T… in the news. Again.

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In a recent development that happened during Saturday’s game… Tuberville “removed” the head set of a graduate assistant.  I say “removed” because I was corrected that he didn’t “slap” it off by a fellow TeT follower.

Big difference. Right?

Well, I don’t guess it matters much to the Big Twelve.  He has been publicly reprimanded by the conference. It will be curious to see what punishment if any he gets from Tech. 

In the past when Mike Leach put a kid in a closed storage room with the lights out…. he was fired.  Now here is Tommy Tuberville “removing” a headset from a graduate assistant and remind him, I am sure, that he needed to be at church on Sunday.  I am not a lip reader… but I think that was what he was telling him in the verbal exchange that happened afterward.

I can hear the wheels already beginning to move. The good news is that Tech won the game.

Seriously – will Tech fire him? Doubtful.  I am sure unless the graduate assistant has pressed charges… Tech will try to muffle this down and settle it quietly.

But if I were Mike Leach and watching this development… I don’t know what I would do.  Maybe instead of prodding this along… I would just try to do my job at Washington State.

And for those of you that are thinking it… No. Auburn doesn’t need Tommy T. back unless he is bringing our money back with him and will work for free.

War Eagle!!






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