The rich getting richer

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If anyone is still wondering why the SEC has won the last seven BCS championships, I found this on the ESPN site – Under Armor All American Game. The game features 90 of the top prospects from around the nation, including all 13 of the 5-star players from the ESPN top 300 list. 34 of them are committed to the SEC, 25 to the SEC West alone, to just five teams (Alabama, Auburn, TAMU, LSU, MSU – The other nine are split between UGA and UF). No other conference claims more than 13 (although Notre Dame has 5). In other words, a full third of the top 90 players in the nation will be recruited by just six or seven SEC teams. It might be even more. A full third of the team rosters have yet to make their decision.

  1. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Question…..what is Notre Dame doing wrong?

    Like Spurrior Likes to say about Georgia “They sure do get a lot of talent! Where it goes after they enroll, I don’t know.”