Strength and Conditioning

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The worse thing (of many) last year was watching our defense get manhandled . I am most excited with the new attitude and work ethic I hear from the new strength coach.

I harken back (and I’m showing my age here) to the Pat Dye/Wayne Hall defenses. We lost a few but never got blown off the field by anybody!

  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..By all accounts, there’s authority and accountability now in the training program, which was missing, last few years.

  2. gumptowntiger says:

    I’ve been harping on Auburn’s strength and conditioning for years as well. There always seemed to be an issue with getting gassed or lacking the fundamental strength to make a tackle. I sure hope you are right about a turn around because it has been a downward trend since Tubs was still around.