Upon Further Review… Officials Make Correct Call In Auburn-LSU Game

By Posted on: September 18th, 2006 in Football Comments Off

On Monday, LSU football coach Les Miles asked the SEC to review tape of Saturday’s game at Auburn . In question was a controversial pass interference call in the fourth quarter that was minutes later waived off by game officials.

The league office responded quickly Monday afternoon. ”Basically, the call of removing the flag would be correct because the ball was uncatchable after the defender tipped it,” SEC media relations director Charles Bloom said Monday.









Auburn defensive back Zach Gilbert was flagged for interfering with receiver Early Doucet deep in Auburn territory in the 7-3 LSU loss. The flag was waved off because officials deemed that Eric Brock’s tip of the ball made it uncatchable.










LSU fans have vented their frustration all weekend on LSU and conference message boards. Maybe now they can finally look in the mirror and blame themselves.

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