Auburn Ranks High in Number of Players on NFL Rosters

By Posted on: October 5th, 2006 in Football Comments Off

A report released on Thursday shows that Auburn ranks 11th nationally in the total number of former players now in the NFL. The Tigers currently have 27 former players on active NFL team rosters. Miami (Fla.) leads the way with 42. The SEC is well represented with five teams in the top 11. Tennessee leads the conference with 40 followed by Georgia (39), Florida (35), LSU (31) and then Auburn. In case you were wondering, Alabama has 19 in the NFL, just a few less than the number of players they still pay in Tuscaloosa today.

The Biggest shocker? Vanderbilt has four more players in the NFL than Kentucky.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the top 10 in the country followed by the rest of the SEC:

Top Schools

  1. Miami (42)
  2. Florida State (41)
  3. Tennessee (40)
  4. Georgia (39)
  5. Ohio State (38)
  6. Michigan (36)
  7. Florida (35)
  8. Nebraska (32)
  9. LSU (31)
  10. Penn State (29)
  11. Auburn (27)

Other SEC Schools
South Carolina (20)
Alabama (19)
Miss State (17)
Ole Miss (15)
Arkansas (11)
Vanderbilt (8)
Kentucky (4)


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