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So far this football season has been tough on the team, coaches, and fans. Adding to our angst, our brethren from West Alabama are out to make it even tougher.

Yesterday, while paying for gas a Bammer in line behind me loudly began talking about how the Auburn hats on the display should be tough to sell. “I bet yall have to buy one get one free to sell any of them there hats” I ignored that remark but he kept on and on to no one in particular. (I had no AU insignia visible so he was not addressing just me). I know it is no excuse but after an 8 hr drive from Arkansas I was pretty tired and I turned to ask him when he graduated from UA. Of course he had no response other than to keep on about the hats.

Now that I have shared that, in hindsite, what I should have done is continue to ignore him with perhaps a sigh and slight shake of the head. I answered Mr. No Class with a remark that had little class.

Now just for the sake of fun I have come up with a few replies that could have been used, (but shouldn’t) when you are getting a ration of grief from our friends from West Alabama. Rest assured they are chomping at the bits to rub it in every chance they get.

  1. Must be terrible going your entire life with no class.
  2. Immediately purchase a UA hat, a can of lighter fluid and burn in his presence.
  3. You could buy one get one free if you could count to 2.
  4. Nice to meet you, Mr. Updyke isn’t it?
  5. It is a shame you couldn’t meet the entrance requirements to AU and had to go to UA.
  6. I did not know UA offered a degree in lawn maintenance

Anyone get any more for a laugh?

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