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Just curious if someone could explain how some of these other programs already have signed atheletes that are not JC students?

  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Can you link to an example? Some folks might say “signed” when they mean “committed.” It sounds wrong, but commits change their mind quite frequently, some times!

  2. WDErichie WDErichie says:

    13 signed just on this one page. There are also commits.

  3. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Goose Creek, S.C.SchoolGoose Creek High SchoolPositionAthleteStatus Signed Georgia 03/06/2012 That is one example. Notice the sign date? It is March of 2012.

    I can think of this as signed last year, and enrolled in January of this year. Is it technically a Greyshirt? I’ll keep looking for that answer.

    Nice question though, I had not noticed this before….