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Road Trip to Rocky Top.

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Vol Passing Game

Can the Vol passing game recover?      War Eagle, everybody! It’s time now for another Auburn opponent preview. On November 9, the Tigers play the Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium, in Knoxville. Through much of Auburn’s history, Knoxville has been a tough place to win. However, in the past ten years, Auburn has dominated there. Continue Story…

Five Auburn Defenders Poised to Have a Breakout Year

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Auburn University is the twelfth most winningest football program in Division I history. And over the years, the Tigers have always been characterized as a tough and physical defensive football team. Yet last season nothing was as uncharacteristic for Auburn than fielding a defense that gave up big numbers to Texas A&M as well as Continue Story…

“Walking on the Fighting Side of Me”

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I can be an angry kind of guy sometimes. Often when I am in the confines of my home, office, or car, some minor annoyance will cause me to start spouting out words and phrases that my mother CERTAINLY NEVER taught me nor approves. Nonetheless, rarely do I unload any kind of anger or even Continue Story…

To See Where You are Going, You Have to Know Where You Have Been (Starting QB Edition)

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Since who will be the starting quarterback for the Tigers this fall is a hot topic, I felt like it was time to write about a season where there was no doubt who was the starter.When he was at John Carroll High School almost every major football school offered Pat Sullivan a scholarship. He had, Continue Story…

Is Nick the Pick?

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Comparing incoming JUCO quarterback Nick Marshall to Cam Newton is something of a stretch – probably a big GIANT stretch. Still, the comparisons to him keep coming despite the fact that Marshall has yet to take a hit in an Auburn uniform.Ask the majority of Auburn fans who the starting quarterback will be on August Continue Story…

Wishes ala E A Sports

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Can  you even begin to imagine how ecstatic I would be IF this really happened?  I will be out of the country on a cruise, which may save my sanity and my personal well being.  It would however be GREAT to read all about it when I return. WEEK 4 EA Sports simulation: Auburn 48, Continue Story…

The Gus Fuss

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The Gus Fuss

Another annual installment of SEC media days has run its course and with its passing also came the latest chapter in one of college football’s greatest success stories: Gus Malzahn has rapidly ascended the coaching ranks while enjoying success all along the way. His outside-the-box approach to offense and masterful play-calling have made him a Continue Story…

The Debate that Just Won’t Die.

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Hurry up practice

Do hurry-up no-huddle offenses really cause more defensive injuries?      Since last week’s SEC Media Days, it’s been a hot topic among coaches, media figures and bloggers across the country. In an otherwise routine series of press conferences, Auburn coach Gus Malzhan lit the fuse on the subject by saying, “to be honest with you, Continue Story…