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More to Celebrate this Weekend- AU Equestrian Wins National Title

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    By now you have figured out that our family follows the Auburn Equestrian Team.  Actually we follow all things Auburn and our daughter dreams of being on the equestrian team so I like to keep everyone apprised of all this team has accomplished.     This past weekend the NCEA championship was held in Waco, Continue Story…

A Day to Circle the Wagons

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Toomer's 3

A few weeks ago in this spot I questioned the wisdom behind holding a final rolling celebration for the Toomer’s Oaks. Would fans be in the mood to celebrate and say good bye to something that’s meant so much? It turns out I got it wrong – big time wrong.Saturday wasn’t so much a day Continue Story…

Offensive Lines Dominate on A-Day!

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A Day Blockers

The defense had a lot of trouble with these guys.       War Eagle, everybody! It was a record-setting A-Day yesterday, with a stunning crowd of over 83,000 fans in the stadium to cheer on their Tigers! We suspected that the game might be well-attended, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for fall game-day type Continue Story…

Auburn Equestrian Wins Overall National Champioship

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5173662dd67b7.image - equestrin national Championship

It was partiularly fitting this evening that Toomer Oaks went out on their last  weekend by being rolled in celebration of another Auburn championship. The Auburn Equestrian Team held a celebration at Toomer’s Corner Sunday evening for wining the 2013 NCEA Overall National Championship.The Tigers defeated Georgia, 3-1, in a ride-off competition Saturday at the Continue Story…

The Most Impressive Performance at Auburn’s A-Day Game Belongs to …

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A Day Attendence

I have been attending A-Day games off and on for more than 40 years and I have never experienced anything quite like Auburn’s 2013 spring game. I could tell things were different the moment I arrived on campus two and a half hours before the game. When I turned off of Samford onto College Street, Continue Story…

The Last Rolling of Toomer’s Oaks

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12608019-standard - Toomer's last roll

Thousands of Auburn fans said goodbye to the iconic oak trees at Toomer’s Corner in downtown Auburn Saturday with one final roll  following Auburn’s A-Day game.

Thanks for the Memories

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A bittersweet weekend lies ahead for the Auburn Family. A-Day is always an exciting primer for the upcoming football season, and this year is no exception. There is a lot of excitement around the program right now and the fans are looking forward to seeing positive signs that things have begun to turn upward for Continue Story…

“Are you about TREE, or are you about FOOTBALL?”

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                                 The last roll will take place on April 20, 2013. (Author’s note: In view of the fact that our Oaks’ time on the Plains is drawing to a close, I thought I would update and re-run the first article Continue Story…