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Auburn Doubles Team Ranked No.1 in the Nation

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MiesCochrane - tennis

For the second time in four seasons an Auburn doubles tennis team has earned the No.1 ranking in the nation. The Tigers duo of senior Andreas Mies and junior Daniel Cochrane are the top-ranked men’s doubles team in all of college tennis.The Intercollegiate Tennis Association rankings were released today with the Auburn team at the Continue Story…

Rodney Garner Named One of Nation’s Top Recruiters

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12028734-large-Coach Garner

Auburn Associate Head Coach, Rodney Garner has been recognized as one of the top recruiters in College Football by two different recruiting web sites. Last week 247Sports’ named him one of the top 50 recruiters in the country and today said Coach Garner is one of the nation’s Top 25 recruiters. Both honors are well deserved Continue Story…

Touch down or should I say “down to EARucTh” ALABAMA !

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Sad to see young men destroy their lives. I really thought that “scholarship”ed athletes ate better than from a vending machine. And these rocket scientists used the “cards” at a location near their “dormicile”(or apartment). Raise your hand if you are a walk-on at Alabama. You might get a well deserved scholarship. For Us By Continue Story…

Trouble in T-Town…

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It’s being reported on ESPN that four bama freshmen were arrested recently: Eddie Williams - arrested for carrying a pistol without a license. Additionally he was charged with second degree robery. Defensive end D.J. Pettway second-degree robbery. Linebackers Tyler Hayes second-degree robbery and Brent Calloway second-degree robbery. Read the story for yourself: Are you thinking what I Continue Story…


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Here are some trends to consider before spring ball starts:1.  The increasing research and development of policy regarding safety. Last fall the concussion avoidance and the associated rules changes made an impact, I think that will become more impactful. We may be watching touch football in a few years.  That will have a major impact on the size Continue Story…

What Gus is sayin,…

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“What Gus is saying here is that we’ve got to stick together on this deal.”* We’ve all seen evidence of Gus Malzahn’s offense at Arkansas, Tulsa, Auburn, and Arkansas State. We’ve personally watched him take an injured and questionable Chris Todd and make him the most offensively productive Auburn quarterback since Daymeyune Craig, only to Continue Story…

Please don’t blame the referees

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Auburn tried some ruff stuff and the officials took guy got tossed and several others could have..,Auburn could not win playing by the rules..Let’s be real Auburn hasn’t been good in basketball since Charles Barkley left.

Josh Bynes: First Tiger to have both National Championship and Super Bowl rings

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Found this cool article on It’s well worth the read.