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Chizik Buys Car for Cancer Patient…

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Anyone else know about this… Even though I didn’t agree with his coaching.  This guy sure had a huge heart. If in fact this is completely true.. I think we all should support his organization. Here is a link to the forum discussing it…. War Eagle!

Mike MacIntyre

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We should take a long look – turning the worst program in the country, San Jose State, in 3 years is miraculous. Has pro and SEC experience.  We are missing the boat if we do not interview Mike MacIntyre. Check out his impressive career by clicking on this link.

Could a Dark Horse Win Auburn Coaching Prize?

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Could  Bo Pelini be changing address from Lincoln, Nebraska to Auburn, Alabama in 2013? With all eyes in the South as well as in South Bend, Indiana fixed on tomorrow’s SEC Championship game, the Auburn Coaching Search Committee is moving forward. An announcement should be forthcoming by this time next week, maybe even by Tuesday Continue Story…


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Coaching Search

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I thought it was time for a coaching search side bar post to give everyone a chance to see, or say what they want. Just start commenting. This is not a place for you bash on each other, or to send hateful remarks  to those who see things differently than you.Feel free to say what Continue Story…

Updated Thoughts on Coaches…

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I’m going to keep this as short as possible, and add my two cents on the latest and greatest rumors I’m hearing about the coaching search.  I’ve looked into it more and made some more conclusions based what I’ve been hearing and what is going on.  My number one choice is now, (and probably always Continue Story…

Shadow Days – Auburn’s Post-Chizik Era Begins

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It is imperative for Auburn to make a homerun hire.

“Did you know that you could be wrong and swear you’re right?” – John Mayer, Shadow DaysJohn Mayer’s track, Shadow Days, bears no similarity to Auburn athletics, but this opening lyric lines up perfectly with where Auburn’s football program now finds itself. Gene Chizik banked an enormous amount of trust when he led Auburn to Continue Story…

Next Year’s Team?

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What will the new head coach have at his disposal?      War Eagle, everybody! A horrific season is over, and the Tigers are now looking for a new leader. We’re seeing the usual wild rumors, coaching denials, and all of the typical things that go on with such searches. I’m of the opinion that both Continue Story…