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Making All-American Is A Difficult Task

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Perhaps no sport epitomizes what it means to be an athlete like Track & Field. Often overshadowed in today’s world by the big team sports, it is the fore runner of all other athletic endeavors. The American Indians were known to hold athletic contest and the modern Olympics are based on the Track & Field Continue Story…

Times That Transcend Sports Rivalries

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Nothing injects fuel into a sport like a heated rivalry. And Auburn University has two of the greatest rivalries in all of college football. Those rivalries reach a crescendo every year when Auburn plays Alabama in the nation’s fiercest rivalry game, the Iron Bowl; and every November as the Tigers continue their nearly 120 year old border war with Georgia in the Deep South’s Continue Story…

Jay Jacobs Letter To The Auburn Family

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Auburn University released the following letter this afternoon from the Athletic Director: June 12, Dear Auburn Family, I write with a heavy heart today, still trying to make sense out of a senseless act. My heart breaks for the families who are suffering unimaginable grief in the wake of an unspeakable tragedy. Ever since the Continue Story…

Coach Chizik Addresses Auburn Tragedy

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Auburn Head Football Coach Gene Chizik talks about the tragic shooting that took three lives including two former football players in this video of his Tuesday press conference. It’s easy to see that it has hit the Coach pretty hard. He now has the task of trying to shepherd 120 young Auburn players through some Continue Story…

Paradise Almost Lost

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For many, Auburn is an idealistic place. Just entering the city limits brings back memories of youth. Whether it was the first time you tasted a beer or met your first true love. Auburn has always been that special place, where as the years pass, the memories become even more perfect. Auburn people put this Continue Story…

Senseless Tragedy on the Plains.

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It’s being reported out of Auburn that three Tiger football players were shot at a pool party Saturday night. According to The Auburn Plainsman, former players LaDarius Phillips and Ed Christian have died, and current lineman Eric Mack was wounded.   A press conference from the Auburn Police Department is said to be forthcoming this morning. There’s a thread up Continue Story…

Friday Ramblings

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Go ahead and look around the interwebz, there ain’t a ton of fresh news. What does happen, we got you covered right here. The tidbits are few, but they are juicy. So, without further wasted space, let’s get to them… Recruiting…. How and why escapes me, but the media and fans don’t get it yet. Continue Story…

Razorbacks Assail Jordan Hare!

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War Eagle, everybody. It’s time now for another Auburn opponent preview. After a tough opening 4 games, Auburn gets a rare and much needed September break. The Tigers have their bye Saturday on the 29th, then on October 6th, The Arkansas Razorbacks come to town. Led by interim coach John L. Smith, most folks expect Continue Story…