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Updyke Confesses to Plainsmen Reporter Today at Trial?

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The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is reporting that accused tree killer Harvey Updyke allegedly confessed to a reporter for the Auburn student newspaper The Plainsman todayduring jury selection. Updyke’s attorney Everett Wess apparently was not aware of him speaking to anyone today as he took questions about the incident. During voir dire, potential jurors are instructed not Continue Story…

Time for a Little Justice in East Alabama

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After 18 months of traveling around the state like some quasi celebrity in the world of Alabama football, reality hits hard this week for confessed Toomer’s tree killer Harvey Updyke. Jury selection is expected to begin on Tuesday in Lee County with opening arguments tentatively set for Thursday. Despite spending time posing for pictures with Continue Story…

1st and 5: Biggest BCS End of Season Computer Mistakes

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With college football’s premier minds meeting this week in Chicago trying to iron out changes to the sport, the topic of transparency of the polls is foremost on the agenda. With so much riding on the end of season computer rankings, and with so much of what goes into those mired in secrecy, an attempt to Continue Story…

Seeing My Father In Me

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Today is Father’s Day. For some it’s a time to buy their dad a present, for some a time to take their dad out for dinner, while others (like myself) it’s a time to remember and honor their father’s memory.My Dad was a member of what Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation, a retired army veteran Continue Story…

CBS Sports Announces SEC Time Slots

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CBS Sports in its fourth year of a 15-year agreement with the SEC kicks off its 12th consecutive season of national coverage of Southeastern Conference Football on Saturday, Sept. 15 (2:30-6:00 PM, CT). The SEC ON CBS schedule features a total of 15 games during the network’s 12-week season including “The SEC Game of the Continue Story…

Auburn Recruiting Stays on Track

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The coaching staff at Auburn under Gene Chizik have been very busy. With Memorial Day weekend usually set as the time of Big Cat Weekend, the following month of June usually leads to a couple of recruits committing to play football with the Tigers. This year is no exception. In fact, this week we have Continue Story…

Auburn Must Improve In Other Sports

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There was a time in the SEC where only football mattered. In fact, you could still argue that case today. But with more programming on television and the internet, other sports are gaining importance. For an athletic program to be successful and profitable, they need more exposure than the four months football offers. This is Continue Story…

Gene Chizik: Strong, Solid, True

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Editors note: I was in the middle of preparing this when sports writer Kevin Scarbinsky posted his judgement of Gene Chizik. Instead of quitting, and leaving the story alone, I decided to forge ahead and post my version anyway. It isn’t really a scoop type story, more of an opinion – My opinion. When I think of Continue Story…