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Is It Time To Bring Back Athletic Dorms?

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Ever since the NCAA mandated strict limitations on coaches having contact with players in the off season and then in 1996 outlawed athletic dorms - policing players (especially freshman) has been a nightmare. Coaches are accountable for a hundred 18-22 year olds but can’t house them in a supervised dorm or have unrestricted access to them in Continue Story…

A Change on the Plains

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Auburn needed Saturday like Bobby Petrino needed that motorcycle wreck. Petrino got his punishment because he had it coming. Auburn celebrated Saturday morning because it too deserved it. Since Auburn fans filed out of Jordan-Hare Stadium following its national championship celebration in January 2011, there hasn’t been a lot to smile about on the Plains. Continue Story…

Exorcising the Dyer Demon Best Medicine for Young Team

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Imagine being sick and not even knowing it. A malignancy festers inside you, infecting everything within proximity, but you still mostly function normally. The only signs of trouble are assorted symptoms that come and go, but nothing is definite or tell-tale. Eventually the CAT scan reveals how deep the tumor goes and everything is clear. Continue Story…

A Historic Spring Saturday!

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War Eagle, everybody! Another A-Day has come and gone, and what a nice celebration there was! Prior to the scrimmage, Auburn recognized its three Heisman Trophy winners with a crowded statue-unveiling ceremony. Thousands of fans like yours truly crammed the walkway on the east side of Jordan Hare Stadium to watch the historic unveiling. The Continue Story…

Tribute To Auburn’s Heisman Winners

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  Hello once again everybody and War Eagle! In every generation there are heroes, and so it is with college football. Auburn fans from three consecutive generations have had the distinct pleasure seeing a true college football great, bless it’s football battlefield. Each one of those former players went on to reach the pinnacle of Continue Story…

Heisman Statue Ceremony Will be Held at 10 a.m. on A-Day

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The Heisman statues that will recognize former Auburn Coach John Heisman and the three Auburn Heisman winners Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson and Cam Newton will be held on the East side of Jordan-Hare Stadium. The ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. There will be very limited space for fan viewing of the dedication on the East side Continue Story…

Five Burning Questions for A-Day.

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War Eagle, everybody! A Day is almost here, and we’ll get to see our Tigers in action for the first time since New Year’s Eve! The day’s festivities begin early this year, with a 10:00 AM unveiling of statues of Auburn’s three Heisman Trophy winners on the east side of the stadium. Gates open for Continue Story…

Kurt Crain Was One of Auburn’s All Time Greats

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Crain-Kurt_large_huge (1)

He was a scrappy red headed kid from Birmingham, Ala. who went on to become one of the greatest defensive players in the history of Auburn Football. Kurt Crain played ball for Pat Dye in the mid to late eighties – a time when Auburn dominated the SEC. As an All-American Linebacker, he had a knack for Continue Story…